September 10: Microhistories

Tensta Konsthall, 6.30–8 pm

Magnus Bärtås’s film The Miracle in Tensta (Theoria) is currently being shown at Tensta Konsthall. The film has been created whitin Microhistories, an artistic research project that studies marginalized phenomenons and stories, rather than the established narrative – the exception rather than the rule. The project brings together theoreticians and artists in order to see how a common field can arise between the science of history and artistic practice, particularly in film. During the evening Suzana Milevska (Skopje), Lena Séraphin (Helsinki), and Michelle Teran (Berlin/Bergen) will give readings and short lectures in the context of the concept of microhistory. It will be an evening of theological reflections on miracles and a theatrical performance about the home's resolution.