March 8: Intercultural Visual Arts Education? 3 days on seeing, realizing, overlooking and disregarding

During these three days, we want to discuss what intercultural visual arts education could be and do. What is it that we as teachers, researchers, students and "visual cultural workers" can see, need to realize, is liable to overlook (with) and perhaps disregard?

Some of the main themes in what we want to know more about is dealing with issues of visual articulation and stereotyping of "the other", which can be linked to ethnicity but also include factors such as gender, class, sexuality, functionality, religion, age and geographical location. We want to discuss notions of the universal and cross-cultural function of the image: the image as the mediator and negotiator where other language forms do not work. Or maybe the opposite: the notion of the image as culturally colored as verbal and differences thus created helps exotisizing. Of course, we also take up the theme of the didactical and pedagogical perspective: How do we handle the above in pedagogical teaching situations and in other more general communicative situations? As usual, our BI students will also contribute with interesting perspectives and ideas.

The three days are open and free to anyone interested!