April 5: Spatial perception

The seminar is the start of a network in the subject field of spatial perception. The idea is that those who are in any way active in this field at Konstfack or at external universities and institutions will be able to meet and discuss future research and education.

Spatial perception covers a wide range of disciplines, genres and knowledge productions. The linking theme is space – senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste).

Spatial perception includes projects that combine artistic experiments, educational activities, architecture and urban planning interventions, design theories, psychological and social evaluation models, acoustic and technical simulation, etc. We see the following projects as interesting:

• projects that meet important societal challengesprojects that are visionary and challenge existing mental models

• projects that are transnational, with interdisciplinary approaches

• projects that are oriented towards complex problems and needs association with multiple areas of expertise, organizational boundaries and social structures

• projects that are instrumental in the sense of directly targeting market-commercialized goals and solutions. Instead look for projects knowledge of reflexive, critical testing, visibility, context creation and integrative contexts.

• projects that challenge and develop current concepts and notions of sustainability, for example, desires and lifestyle patterns and stimulate public discourse in relation to future issues

The seminar is, primarily, an open discussion on the subject field spatial perception The external guests will present their research, education and activities that can be linked to the field:

• Stockholm University, Dept. of Psychology, Mats Nilsson - Perception Research

• KTH Media, Leif Handberg - Production Video Technology and Distance LearningKTH Speech, Music, Hearing, Roberto Bresin - Human Perception for Information Technology

• Arkus, Lisa Daram (preliminary) - Research and Development in Architecture and the Built Environment

•Audiorama, Karin Starre (preliminary) - Auditory Performing Arts

• Bond, Håkan Sandberg - Creative Communications

We will also present the Konstfack Perception Lab, which is under construction.

Moderator: Björn Hellström

Watch the seminar via Vimeo here!