Video documentation

A selection of lectures and presentations from Konstfack Research Week 28 January - 1 February 2019.

Monday 28 January

Introduction by Maria Lantz, Magnus Bärtås, Magnus Mörck and Magnus Ericson


Conversation between Henric Benesch and Onkar Kular: Research School(s): How Intra-Institutional Practices Make Public Knowledge


Lecture by Maria Lind: The Points with Artistic Research



Tuesday 29 January

Presentation by Sara Kristoffersson: A Brand for Everyone


Presentation by Petra Lilja: Cultivating Caring Coexistence: Designing Post-Anthropocentric Futures


Introduction by Bo Westerlund: The KTD Programme: Art, Technology and Design


Presentation by Cara Tolmie: Listening to the Displaced Vocal Body


Presentation by Cheryl Akner-Koler: How Haptic Attributes Evoke Intentionality and Generates Meaning


Presentation by Emma Rendell: Narrative Processes in the Interspace: Investigating the Practice of Graphic Storytelling


Presentation by Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn: Visual Empire


Presentation by Miro Sazdic: Sloyd: Exploring How to Manifold Historiographies


Presentation by Robin McGinley: Urban Acoustic Screens: Public Art as Noise Reduction in Everyday Environments



Wednesday 30 January

Lecture by Åsa Ståhl and Kristina Lindström: Un/Making Matters: In the Aftermath of Previous Makings


Lecture by Hélène Bremer: Curating Contemporary Art in Historic Places Connects the Present with the Past: Heritage with the Contemporary


Lecture by Hanna Bergman: Across Reading and Writing in the Virtually Temporal



Thursday 31 January

Discussion with Johanna Lundberg and Peter Ström: Making and Teaching Visual Communication: Towards a Changing Technological Future


Presentations by Anna Carlmark, Farvash Razavi Kashani, Einar Rodhe and Hannes Tennberg, discussion moderated by Rebecca Ahlstedt: New Materials, Live Interiors and Possible Futures: On How New Materials Can Impact How and What We Design


Cornelius Cardew: Schooltime Special / Live rehearsal performance with guest artists, musicians and node participants, with support from the Great Learning Orchestra


Conversation between David Toop, Mat Gregory and Robin McGinley: On Improvisation


David Redmalm: Love and Oppression: Liminanimals: Chihuahuas, Bo the Dog and the Scaly Ant-Eater


Julia Lindemalm: Love and Oppression: Photos of Our Relationship with Animals in Captivity