The old collection

The Old Collection and the special collections can be searched using the library catalogue (location GS) and in LIBRIS

The Old Collection

The collection contains around 5,500 volumes. The main part of the collection consists of 19th century literature. There are eighteen books from the 17th century, and around one hundred from the 18th. The oldest book in the collection is from the 16th century. Most of the books are in German, English or French, but there are also some books in Italian, Latin and quite a few in Swedish. One part of the Old Collection consists of the 600 books and posters donated to the library by Konstfack founder Nils Månson Mandelgren in 1844.

The collection includes the original edition of Diderot's Encyclopaedia, published in 1751, books by English illustrator Walter Crane as well as a large number of folios (large-scale books) with beautiful colour illustrations on the subjects taught at the university. General subjects such as Art History, Botanics and Zoology are also represented.

The collection reflects the educational history of Konstfack, and there is therefore quite aOld collection bit of literature pertaining to mechanical and construction engineering, classical architecture and a large number of models for ornamenting buildings. Material on geometry, drawing techniques and furniture carpentry models are abundant.

The Old Collection is kept in a locked space. The books can be retrieved on request and read at the library.