16 May: Higher seminar in Rethinking research practices in Art, Technology and Design

Welcome to a seminar with the artist and PhD-candidate Hanna Husberg, on May 16, 2-4.30pm at Konstfack (room: Zickerman), where she will present aspects of her on-going research project “Troubled Atmosphere”. In her research she seeks to, through artistic strategies, explore the inherent multiplicities of air and atmosphere, their relational materiality and how humans perceive, and relate to their environment in times of anthropogenic climate change.

In the context of the Higher Seminar Husberg will address some of the issues at stake in considering what anthropologist Anna Tsing calls "more-than-human sociality", and reflect upon artistic modes of undertaking this task. Husberg’s In the Vast Ocean of Air – consisting of five neon signs and a film – will serve as the point of departure for the discussion together with some written reflections and the text by Anna Tsing.

Discussant at the seminar is Anita Malmqvist who is senior lecturer in at Konstfack, and in her practice she specifically draws form post-humanist approaches in order to explore relations between moving images and depictions of the environments, and their respective materiality.

Hanna Husberg (b. Finland) is a Stockholm based artist. She graduated from ENSB-A, Paris in 2007, and is currently a Phd in Practice candidate developing her project ‘Troubled Atmosphere’ at the academy of fine arts Vienna. Recent projects include Human Meteorology, Being with, The world indoors, In the vast ocean of air, The Free Sea and the curatorial project Contingent Movements Archive and Symposium conceived together with Laura McLean (Maldives Pavilion, 55th Venice Biennale). She is also a participant of Frontiers in Retreat, a research platform in Multidisciplinary Approaches to Ecology in Contemporary Art coordinated by HIAP, Helsinki, the art & science network program Hybrid Matters, and the Anthropocene and the Technosphere Campuses organised by HKW, Berlin.

Prior to the seminar Husberg asks you to engage with the following  film and texts:

Film: In the Vast Ocean of Air, by Hanna Husberg

Text: On Noticing Air, a text written by Hanna Husberg

Text: More-than-Human Sociality: A Call for Critical Description, by Anna Tsing.

The film and texts are distributed by petra.bauer@konstfack.se

We have a limited number of places, so please send an email to petra.bauer@konstfack.se if you want to participate.

The higher seminar series aim to provide a platform for a continuous and dynamic exchange on matters pertaining to research within Konstfack at large – senior researchers, faculty, practitioners, doctoral candidates and students – as well as with students, researchers and practitioners in affiliated fields and institutions. The higher seminar series is open to the public.

By “higher seminar” we refer to a format where an invited seminar presenter, such as doctoral candidates, researchers and other experts, provides material(s) in advance, which should be carefully reviewed by participants before each specific seminar session. The seminar is focused on a critical encounter and discussion on the provided material(s).