2 November: Higher seminar in Rethinking research practices in Art, Technology and Design

We are happy to inform you that it’s already time for the next higher seminar on November 2, 1–3.30pm at Konstfack (room: Wickmans) where we will continue discussing the role of architecture as a social practice with architect, researcher and writer Catharina Gabrielsson. Her practice combines fieldwork explorations with history and theory in order to unfold the hidden trajectories of spatial production, seeking the points of connection between aesthetics, politics and economics.

Catharina Gabrielsson holds a position as assistant professor in urban theory at the School of Architecture KTH and is the director of Art, Technology and Design, a doctoral programme in collaboration with Konstfack. She is the co-editor ofDeleuze and the City (forthcoming), contributor to Deleuze and Architecture (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013), Field/Work (London: Routledge, 2010) and Curating Architecture and the City (London: Routledge, 2009).

In preparation for the seminar, Catharina Gabrielsson asks you to engage with her article “Squatting My Mind – Towards an Architectural Ecosophy” (2010), which furthers an understanding of how occupancy has the power to undo central architectural concepts. Such an undoing is seen as a prerequisite for what Félix Guattari has denoted ecosophy – the ethico-political articulation between the three, interconnected ecological registers: that of the environment, of social relations and the realm of ideas. Considered within an ecological intellectual framework, notions of resistance, spatial appropriation and indeterminacy in architecture are posed as steps along the way in what Gabrielsson sees as the urgent task of re-writing architecture’s ontology.

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We have a limited number of places, so please send an email to petra.bauer@konstfack.se if you want to participate.

The higher seminar series aim to provide a platform for a continuous and dynamic exchange on matters pertaining to research within Konstfack at large – senior researchers, faculty, practitioners, doctoral candidates and students – as well as with students, researchers and practitioners in affiliated fields and institutions. The higher seminar series is open to the public.

By “higher seminar” we refer to a format where an invited seminar presenter, such as doctoral candidates, researchers and other experts, provides material(s) in advance, which should be carefully reviewed by participants before each specific seminar session. The seminar is focused on a critical encounter and discussion on the provided material(s).