Films about searching for information

Searching for information is a process in several steps. These steps are described in the films below.


A short introduction to the different steps of searching for information. 

Scholarly articles

What is a scholarly article? How is a scholarly article usually structured?

Questions and keywords

Starting with the question that you are working with, how do you find suitable keywords to search for?

The library’s databases

What databases can you access through the Konstfack library?


Building a search question from your keywords

How can you combine your keywords to build a good search question? How do you use Boolean operators, truncation and phrase searching to get as many relevant results as possible?

Searching for subject terms

How do you search for subject terms in the library’s databases?

Handling a list of results

How can you work with a list of results? 

Retrieving the articles you have found

How can you access a full-text for the articles that you have found?

Evaluating your results

How do you evaluate the material you have found?