Useful tools

Here are a range of free digital tools that can be used in teaching.

With this tool you can choose between filming yourself with the webcam or filming your computer's desktop, for example to accompany a demonstration. You can also combine these to show you in a portion of the image while focusing on the computer desktop. In the free version, you can shoot for 15 minutes and the movie will be saved to your hard disk so you can edit it later.

If you want to do more advanced filming of your computer's desktop with more editing capabilities, please contact Niklas.

Prezi is a presentation tool, like PowerPoint, distinctly different. It is superior in some cases to zoom in and out, look at a flight image and go into details, about any subject. But it is based on a linear sequence. At there is a version for schools to test. It is thus a tool on the web.

Kahoot is an interactive tool for asking questions to an audience, class or other group. The audience answers through their mobiles and the answer, so how many people chose the different options, presented directly on the big screen. It can serve as a way to get a picture of the general knowledge about, for example, the topic of a lecture or to get an opinion of the audience in a number of questions.

Doodle is a web-based tool to find common times to meet, for example meetings. You who take the initiative, enter the dates and times you can see. Then you send a link to those you want to invite or meet. They will see your times and fill in which of them they can. In succession, the picture is showing the dates most people can attend.