Scholarships for Master Studies

Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design, offers a limited number of scholarships to newly admitted students at Konstfack's Master's programmes. The scholarships are aimed at applicants applying from outside of EU/EEA+Switzerland, who are required to pay tuition fees.

The Swedish Institute also has a scholarship scheme aimed at tuition fee liable students applying for master studies in Sweden.

Konstfack's tuition fee scholarships

The tuition fee scholarships are aimed at newly admitted students required to pay tuition fees. The selection is based on artistic grounds and the most qualified students can be offered a full or a partial tuition fee scholarship. Please note that tuition fee scholarships do not cover living expenses and that the scholarship decision taken once a year is intended for newly admitted students only.

More information about Konstfack's scholarships, and an application form, will be sent out to tuition fee liable admitted students after the notification of selection results has been published.

Key dates for Konstfack's scholarships (2022)

7 April 2022: Scholarship application form for Konstfack's tuition fee scholarship is sent out (by email) to admitted students required to pay tuition fees.
12 April 2022: Deadline for the scholarship application form to have arrived at Konstfack.
21 April 2022: The scholarship nomination process is completed and the awardees are notified.

Swedish Institute's Scholarships

The Swedish Institute, a government agency, has a number of scholarship schemes for students from countries outside the EU/EEA area. Depending on your nationality and field of study, the scholarships may apply to you. The Swedish Institute's scholarships cover both tuition fees and living expenses for studies at a master's programme.

For detailed information, requirements, and key dates for the Swedish Institute's scholarships, please visit