Martín Avila

Martín Avila

Martín Avila is professor in industrial design at Konstfack since 2018. He is responsible for the education on the master level in Industrial Design.

Martín Avila is PhD in design from HDK (School of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has published his thesis entitled Devices. On Hospitality, Hostility and Design (2012). Since 2007, Martin works at Konstfack and teaches across the school, currently spending most of his time at the department of industrial design, where he is responsible for the development of the subject design for sustainable development.

Martín has previously obtained a Master in Design Studies at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, England (1999), and a Degree in Industrial Design from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina (1995). Martín has worked as an industrial and graphic designer, as well as design consultancy since 2000. Martín has lectured in Sweden and internationally, among others, at Konstfack, Beckmans, SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship), IASPIS (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual Artists), and KTH (Royal Institute of Technology). In Argentina, at the National University of Córdoba, as well as at Universidad Siglo XXI; in Colombia, at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá; in Croatia, at the Arts Academy, University of Split; in the United States at the School of Design of the Art Institute of Chicago; and in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Design Centre.

See also www.martinavila.com


Jonas Ahnme

Jonas Ahnmé

Jonas Ahnmé is a senior lecturer and an industrial designer with an MFA from Konstfack 2000. He holds courses in three-dimensional creation at Konstfack since 2010. During the courses emphasis is put on understanding form both physically and virtually. Virtual 3D skills are improved by the use of physical media like clay. Likewise, the ability to understand physical form is enhanced by augmented virtual design skills. Also, the courses aim to improve the students' understanding of the context of their design.

In his own design business, Jonas works with a wide variety of product types ranging from products for children to heavy industrial equipment. After graduation, Jonas was employed at Dahlström Design for three years, before starting his own business. He has worked for clients like Iittala, Atlas Copco and Fjällräven as well as many smaller entrepreneurs.

See also: www.ahnme.com



Cheryl Akner-Koler

Cheryl Akner-Koler is a sculptor, design educator and Professor in Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics at the Industrial Design (ID) at Konstfack since 2001, with tenure. She received her PhD at the Dept. of Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology, entitled: Form and Formlessness; questioning aesthetic abstractions through art projects, cross-disciplinary studies and product design education (2007). At ID she teaches a sculptural gestalt approach that involves embodied studies, aesthetic abstractions and product semiotics. Through collaboration with interaction design researchers at Mobile life and Örebro University, Akner-Koler has developed and supervised projects concerning haptic experience and digital technology that often involve ID students. She also collaborates in cross-disciplinary projects where aesthetic reasoning is applied. Results from the latest project she lead will be shown at the Nano exhibition at Visualiserings Center in Norrköping from Oct 2012 to April 2013 (www.nanoform.se). Currently Akner-Koler holds a guest professorship at Campus Gryhyttan, School of hospitality, culinary arts and meal science at Örebro University. She has been part of a constructivistic artist group in Stockholm (1988-2002) which involved group and solo exhibitions as well as five public art installations in the Stockholm area.

See also www.cherylaknerkoler.com


Jenny Althoff

Jenny Alhoff holds an MFA and a certificate in teaching. Previously she studied social anthropology and the history of religion. She has taught at Columbia University in New York, KUVA Helsinki, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Iceland Academy of Arts and at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. Her professional experience spans artistic practice, design, research and partnerships with various organizations, companies and institutions.

In 2007 Jenny co-founded the MFA Experience Design Group at Konstfack and she has a focus on inter-and trans-disciplinary processes. She has been a guest lecturer in Industrial Design since January 2013, but also teaches students in other programs. 


Loove Broms 

Loove Broms

Since the start of 2015, Loove Broms holds a part time position as senior lecturer in design with focus on interactive design at the department of Industrial Design, Konstfack.
Loove is one of the makers behind the popular, socially engaging, interactive light installation Colour by Numbers and he is also one of the designers behind a series of objects aimed at increasing energy awareness, made at Interactive Institute, an experimental IT and design research institute. Among these concepts is for example, the Energy AWARE Clock, now available as a commercial product, and the AWARE Laundry Lamp. Both have been shown at exhibitions around the world.

Graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Loove did his Master’s thesis in the field of human-computer interaction. He has then worked both as a freelancing interaction designer and at the Interactive Institute. He has a PhD in Interaction Design. Apart from teaching at Konstfack, Loove is working as a design researcher in interaction design at KTH where he's part of the department of Media Technology and Interaction Design. He is also part of Green Leap, a network for design and sustainable development located at KTH.

In his research Loove uses experimental design approach to investigate ways to create engagement, meaning, and alternative values to afford meaningful experiences in contrast to a prevailing consumer culture. He currently leads a research project at Green Leap exploring how form giving of local areas can encourage sustainable behaviours.



Magnus Lindfors

Magnus is senior lecturer in industrial design since 2013 and teaches in bachelor and master programs. 

Magnus was educated at Konstfack with MFA in industrial design. He has worked as a design consultant both in his own company and as an employee at ÅF. Magnus has had assignments in a variety of industries with a particular focus on ergonomics, electronics and medical technology. 2003 was employed at Elekta Instrument - a medical technology company with headquarters in Stockholm. From being responsible for the industrial design of the Swedish branch of the company Magnus was promoted to global design manager in 2008. As design manager, he was responsible for all design within the company, both hardware and software, to develop and implement design guidelines, to educate and inspire Elekta staff and hire and manage external design resources.


Katja Pettersson senior lecturer ID

Katja Pettersson

After her Master's degree at Konstfack 2004, Katja Pettersson has been active as a designer and as a lecturer and teacher. Katja is a founding member of the design group Front, which she left in 2009 to start 50/50, a business where designers and producers are working on an equal footing and share the profits equally.

Katja is working part-time as a senior lecturer at Konstfack. In her own work and in her teaching she is interested in methods that combine theoretical and practical knowledge in collaboration with other areas of knowledge, a method to create appropriate design that interprets and develops the society, without sacrificing idea or design. In 2014 she was awarded the artistic committee five-year work scholarship. She is currently working on a design project at The Stockholm City Museum's courtyard - an assignment from Stockholm Art.


Katarina Wetter Edman,senior lecturer ID 

Katarina Wetter Edman

Katarina Wetter Edman, MFA, PhD. is a senior lecturer in design with a focus on service design since February 2015. Katarina teaches and tutors mainly at Masters level. Her research focuses on describing the service design based on a design practice perspective, and tie it to other neighboring areas of knowledge. Especially with the user perspective in relation to service innovation and service management.

One reason for this she put forward in her licentiate thesis, Service Design - a conceptualization of an emerging practice. In the thesis, Design for service A framework for articulating the designers' contribution as interpreters of users' experience, she developed from a pragmatic view on the experience and knowledge among other stories relevant design material for service design. Katarina holds a scholarship from the Söderberg Foundation, linked to the Business and Design Lab, HDK, to explore design, design management and service design. She does this particularly in the context of care and design in cooperation with Experio Lab. , Värmland County Council. The main focus of this is to examine how design knowledge linked to the aesthetic knowledge and experience will help to bring the patient focus of service innovation.



Visiting Faculty

We are privileged to be able to involve a large amount of guests who contribute with lectures, tutorials, exercises, and as guest critics in the various courses. These people are often from Swedish design companies or distinguished universities. A number of teachers return regularly and are responsible for larger parts of courses. These are presented below.

Sophie Andersson          
Service designer at Transformator Design, guest lecturer in service design for the MFA program.

Björn Aspelin              
Designer MFA, tutor in creative materialization

Eva-Lena Bäckström      
Industrial Designer MFA, lecturer at Umeå University, Color in Product design & Branding

Mischa Billing                                        
Sommelier/Taster, Senior Lecturer, Campus Grythyttan School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science, Örebro University

Ulrica Bohné
Industrial designer, researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC), the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Brendon Clark                                      
Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Design anthropologist at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, guest lecturer in MFA course Design Processes

Björn Dahlström                                  
Designer MFA, Dahlström Design, guest critic and tutor for MFA degree projects.

Kajsa Davidsson                                   
Designer at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, guest lecturer in MFA course Design Processes

Håkan Edehold               
Designer, MFA, PhD, guest critic for MFA degree projects

Anna Edsjö
Exhibition designer, architect, Unna Design

Magnus Eneberg
Designer, licentiate degree in design

Daniel Eriksson
Designer, Transformator Design, Value-based Design

Fredrik Ericsson             
Design researcher, human factors at Veryday AB, teaches ergonomic methods in contextual studies

Nils-Johan Eriksson        
Industrial Designer future oriented design methods and interactive aspects of product design development

Jonas Groth
Industrial Designer, MFA, Formality

Anna Holmquist              
Designer MFA and Ph D student Design / Materials at KTH, Folkform

Jan Jonsson
Industrial Designer, lecturer, in charge of study trip with ID1 and Technology with ID1 and ID2

Malvin Karlsson              
Exhibition designer, graphic designer, Unna Design

Karin Landberg              
Designer MFA, photography

David Larsson                 
Industrial Designer MFA

Emmy Larsson                
Designer MFA, Veryday, Guest faculty and critic with focus on physical design

Mikael Lindström           
Researcher, PhD, at the Innventia materials research institute, guest lecturer and research collaborator at ID

Carl Ljungh
Industrial Designer, MFA, Formality

Lena Lorentzen              
Professor in Industrial design at Mitt-universitetet, specialist in Design for all

Tobias Ottenfelt              
Designer / Art Director

Loffe Palmgren               
Beckmans, tutor in rhetoric and presentation techniques

Katja Pettersson             
Designer MFA, independent designer and Senior Lecturer at Beckmans, guest lecturer in the BFA and MFA in ID.

Anders Rosén                                       
Researcher, Senior Lecturer KTH Marina System, in charge of collaboration with ID Konstfack

Martin Sjöman                                      
Review design MFA, guest lecturer in the field of design strategy

Björn Tharaldsen           
Clay modeler, instructor at ID Konstfack

John Thackara (UK/FR) 
Doors of Perception, Writer and critic expert on design for sustainable development and social innovation, collaborator and guest lecturer in ID’s Summer Xskool

Leif Thies   
Industrial Designer MFA, Courses in design for sustainability

Erik Widmark                  
Designer MFA, Transformator Design, member of Industrial design’s subject council

Stephanie Wiegner         
Photographer, MFA Storytelling

Elisabeth Ramel Wåhrberg                 
Designer MFA, Veryday, guest lecturer and  member of Industrial design’s subject council.


Visitors & Tutors

Carl Abrahamsson 

Chandra Ahlsell

Diana Africano Clark (Veryday)

Samir Alj Fält (Design Lab S)

Kajsa Andersö  (Film Andersö&Boman AB)

Bo Arenander

Tue Beijer

Maria Benktzon (Veryday)

Tomas Boman  (Film Andersö&Boman AB)

Stefan Borell (Transformator Design)

Katarina Eismann  (film artist)

Maria von Euler

Elisabet Fluff Kärrberg (A Designful Mind)

Jenny Fossum (True Creative)

Mats Frick (Bildningskonsult)

Oscar Frykholm (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

Annika Göran Rodell (Campus Grythyttan Örebro University)

Robin Grieves (Playful)

Martin Gustavsson

Clive van Heerden (Electrolux)

Jakob von Heland (filmmaker)

Ulrika Henricsson 

Thomas Herrström

Stefan Holmlid (Linköping University)

Sara Ilstedt (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

Parsa Kamenkhosh (Design Naturally)

Anna-Karin Borg Karlsson, (Organic Chemistry, KTH)

Klaus Krippendorff (University of Pennsylvania, US)

Eva Lindgren (ÅF Design Center)

Stefan Magnusson (No Picnic)

Jack Mama (Electrolux)

Nick Marsh (Sidekick Studio, UK)

Oksana Mont (Lund University)

Pontus Palmér (Form Us With Love)

Garry Peterson (Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University)

Parivash Ranjbar (Örebro University hospital)

Petter Reuterholt

Daniel Roos (Urbanista)

Niclas Roxhed (KTH Microsystem Technology)

Anna Rylander (Business and Design Lab, University of Gothenburg)

Fredrik Sandberg (Linnaeus University).

Erik Sandelin (Unsworn Industries)

Anna Seravalli (Malmö University)

Rahul Sen (Veryday)

Marco Steinberg (Helsinki Design Lab, FI)

Erik Stolterman (Indiana University, US)

Lisbeth Svengren Holm (University College of Borås)

Mathilda Tham (Beckmans and Goldsmiths University of London, UK)

Lena Wettergren (Karolinska Institute)

Anna Valtonen (Aalto University, FI)

Björn Ögren (Syntes Studio)

Updated: 30 October 2012