Martín Ávila

Martín Ávila is a designer, researcher and Professor of Design at Konstfack. Martin obtained a PhD in design from HDK (School of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The PhD work (Devices. On Hospitality, Hostility and Design), was awarded the 2012 prize for design research by The Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education. His postdoctoral project Symbiotic tactics (2013-2016) has been the first of its kind to be financed by the Swedish Research Council. Currently acting as Centre Director for SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) at Konstfack.

See also: www.martinavila.com


Jonas Ahnmé

Jonas Ahnmé, Industrial Designer, MFA, head of the bachelor education. MEDes (Master of European Design) coordinator. After graduation in the year 2000 he worked at Björn Dahlström Design, designing various types of products, like drinking glasses for Iittala, tents for Fjällräven and large scale industry applications for Atlas Copco. In 2003 he started Ahnmé Design, and continued working with products in different scales and contexts, such as big industrial flexoprinters for EZ Engineering, pacifiers for children for Denty, and a sailing dinghy for eSEA. During recent years he has also been involved in software development, like the Kolormondo app, that shows the color space as an interactive globe. As Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design, he combines his interest in pedagogics with design knowledge. Focuses are on collaborations and artistically driven inclusive design, and on actively engaging in different contexts during the design process. Collaborations range from working with inclusive design in student driven projects with municipalities and organisations, to exploring the working environment of ambulance nurses, facilitating workshops with design students and refugees in Sweden, and merging textile students with design students and letting them co-create with 9 year olds. The latest collaborative project was in the fall of 2018, when students from Industrial Design and Interior Architecture & Furniture Design worked on the theme of Migration, starting out with one week in Lesbos and in Athens.

See also: www.ahnme.com


Cheryl Akner-Koler

I work in the field of Theoretical & applied aesthetics with a focus on how our everyday aesthetic experience in the tangible world drives creative processes. My current research project is funded by the Swedish research council. It is entitled HAPTICA a collaborative project with culinary artists from Campus Grythytta, Örebro University. Haptic is usually referred to as the sense of touch. Touch involves experiences of texture, temperature and vibration, perceived by the nervous system through the skin. As soon as touch includes intentional muscle movement, such as grasping a 3-D volume and sensing its weight, proportions, density & shape, or picking up a tool to use it, we transcend touch and tactility and enter haptics. One main aims are to explore haptic aspects of food and drink combinations and meal experiences. We compare the haptic attributes of the hand in relation to mouth & nose and how this can drive the active gestalt process.

See also: www.cherylaknerkoler.com


Jenny Althoff

Jenny Alhoff holds an MFA and a certificate in teaching. Previously she studied social anthropology and the history of religion. She has taught at Columbia University in New York, KUVA Helsinki, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Iceland Academy of Arts and at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. Her professional experience spans artistic practice, design, research and partnerships with various organizations, companies and institutions.

In 2007 Jenny co-founded the MFA Experience Design Group at Konstfack and she has a focus on inter-and trans-disciplinary processes. She has been a guest lecturer in Industrial Design since January 2013, but also teaches students in other programs.


Christian Björk

My name is Christian Björk and in a guest teacher here at Konstfack/DIV I teach in the programs Industrial Design and Interior Design. I completed my doctorate in 2016, with a dissertation on suburban planning and housing planning, with a main focus on Stockholm, modernism and historiography. I received my PhD degree from the Department of Culture and Aesthetics/Art history Stockholm University and my research is mainly about the relationships between designed environments and ideas, it can be gender representations in interior design, planned segregation in suburb planning and insiders and outsiders in design history. Art history is related with other disciplines, like history, philosophy and the visual arts, and since 2009 I have written a number of books and articles on urban planning, interior- and product design. Today, I work as a teacher and researcher, at Konstfack. My post-doc-project is linked to The Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg, focused on design, fashion and applied arts,  where I do research and write on a design-historical book. Here at Konstfack and organize courses in design history and teach in academic writing and contextual exploration.


Loove Broms

Since the start of 2015, Loove Broms holds a part time position as senior lecturer in design with focus on interactive design at the department of Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication, Konstfack. Loove is one of the makers behind the interactive light installation Colour by Numbers and he is also one of the designers behind a series of objects aimed at increasing energy awareness, made at Interactive Institute. Among these concepts are for example, the Energy AWARE Clock, now available as a commercial product, and the AWARE Laundry Lamp. Both have been shown at exhibitions around the world. Loove has a PhD in Interaction Design. His PhD-thesis (Storyforming: Experiments in Creating Discursive Engagements Between People, Things, and Environments), was awarded the 2014 prize for design research by The Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education. Apart from his position at Konstfack, Loove is working as a researcher in sustainability and design at KTH where he's part of the department of Strategic Sustainability Studies. He is also part of Green Leap, a network for design and sustainable development located at KTH.

See also: www.loove.org


Francisca Lagerberg

Industrial designer, BFA focusing on digital fabrication. Graduated at IP Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Politecnico di Milano and Universidad de Palermo. Working as an assistant her focus is on 3D-modelling tools, design-driven workshop work and development of the Konstfack 3D Lab.

Francisca teach and supervises master and bachelor students in the 3D prototyping process, from digital modelling tools to digital fabrication methods within 3D-printing and laser cutting. Has previously worked at No Picnic within 3D-modeling and Rendering.


Magnus Lindfors

Magnus is senior lecturer in industrial design since 2013 and teaches mainly in the bachelor program. Assistant Head of Department as a part time position since 2018. Magnus was educated at Konstfack with MFA in industrial design. He has worked as a design consultant both in his own company and later as an employee at ÅF. 2003-2011 employed as Industrial designer and later Design Manager at Elekta Instrument - a global medical technology company with headquarters in Stockholm.


Anna Maria Orrù

Senior Lecturer in Design with focus on Sustainable Development.

See also: http://www.annamariaorru.com/ 


Katja Pettersson

Katja Pettersson, has been active as designer herself and in groups, as teacher and lecturer since her MFA at Konstfack 2004. She is one of the founders of the design group Front, where she did research projects, some are in the permanent collections of,( among others), MOMA in New York, Center Pompidou in Paris, and the V & A Museum in London. Pettersson left the group in 2009 and works today at Konstfack as a Senior lecturer and as an independent creator. The focus of her work is the hierarchy between man and nature, conveyed by gestalt and material explorations. A work that has led to the exhibitions Welcome Back 2017 and Breakpoints 2018. She was granted 2014 with Konstnärsnämdens five year working grant and on behalf of Stockholm Art, she works with the gestalt of Stadsmuseum's court yard. In 2018 she was elected to the Royal Academy for the free arts with the motivation; because of her artistic height and mission.

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Gunnar Söder

Teaches in and is responsible for the Industrial Design workshop.


Britta Teleman

Industrial designer. Senior guest lecturer at the Bachelor programme. Studied at Central Saint Martins, London, and later founded the design studio Objecthood. Britta is part of external research projects with focus on user participation for children in healthcare, and norm-critical design. She has a particular interest in how design methodology can be used in transdisciplinary contexts. Britta has also designed furniture, children’s products, packaging and patterns. Also teaches at Gävle University and Halmstad University.

See also: www.objecthood.se


Liisa Widstrand

Industrial Designer, BFA from Konstfack 2016. She started out tutoring as a guest teacher at Konstfack Industrial Design Department in 2017 and was employed in 2018. Her area of focus is form development, physical prototyping and photography.

See also: www.liisawidstrand.com



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