Industrial design has great and suitable premises.

Studio Space
All students have their own workplace throughout the program. You sit by your class in an open work environment that encourages contact with other students. Together, it creates favorable conditions for the exchange of knowledge. The program also has its own student kitchen that becomes a natural meeting point.

Computer room
The program has a computer room where the computers have all the necessary software and accessories used in the training. Konstfack also has larger computer labs for classes. Many students also have their own laptop, but it's not a necessity.

Our workshops are located directly adjacent to the student workplaces in order to encourage an approach where the model work is integrated with sketching and using the computer as a tool.
This, combined with access to Konstfacks other workshops makes the model work dynamic, and at a high level!
The workshop has separate rooms for machining, CNC-milling, gluing and filling, hand processing and for work in automotive clay. All of our workshops meet the requirements for health and safety.

Paint booth
The painting workshop is equipped to give the models the correct color and surface quality.

Project room
Directly adjacent to the workplaces are two study rooms for students. They can be used for projects or when a group needs to discuss without being disturbed.
At Konstfack there is also a possibility for students to book various seminar rooms.

Konstfack has probably Sweden's foremost library on literature in our fields.
There are also a wide selection of magazines of interest to industrial designers. A perfect place for inspiration in projects and in general!

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