Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree requires 120 credits; equivalent to 180 ECTS credits and the Master of Fine Arts degree 80 credits; equivalent to 120 ECTS credits. It is possible to apply directly to the postgraduates program with a degree in fine arts from an art school in Sweden or abroad, or with equivalent appropriate qualifications.

The training of interior architects and furniture designers is a professional, artistic, technical and socially orientated training. The emphasis is on planning and design of the near environment. Consideration is taken of both the need of people and the society together with the conditions provided by natural resources. The training of interior
architects leads primarily to work in planning, projection and overall interpretation of the close environment in co-operation with construction architects. Professional product development of furniture for craft or industrial production is part of the profession.

To co-ordinate and specify different needs of users, clients and others in society is a common factor in most of the working tasks. Interior designers must be able to show a planned, physical reality before it is being produced. This puts great demands on the ability to draw, sketch, paint and produce three-dimensional interpretations.

The professional programmes consist of the following subjects and courses: interior architecture, understanding housing, construction and materiel understanding,
lightening, room acoustics, drawing and modelling technique, workshop work, computer knowledge, projection methodology, furniture design, study trips, practical
work experience, examination work for the undergraduate degree, in-depth studies, (interior design/furniture design) and examination work for the Masters degree. The
professional studies consist of both theoretical subjects and practical tasks where technical, economical, society- and marketing orientated knowledge alternate with artistic development within the main subject framework. The teaching is mainly in the form of projects after the first two years foundation courses.

It is possible to apply for exchange studies at universities abroad after the first two years. The Bachelor of Fine Arts examination is taken during the sixth term. It is possible to apply to the postgraduate program in interior architecture or furniture design after obtaining the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Parallel with the above subjects courses in theory of art, art and design history is also taken. This is the artistic training that is found in all the programs at Konstfack.

Master of Fine Arts Degree
After a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is obtained at Konstfack or at another university in Sweden or abroad, or with the equivalent qualifications, applications can be made to the postgraduate program (120 credits) leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree.

The postgraduate program is an in-depth study program, divided into interior
architecture and furniture design. The program is based on project teaching with both theoretical and practical study that also provides the opportunity for individual in-depth study.

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