We design futures


at Industrial Design at Konstfack stand for a design that does not only originate from an individual but is the product of inspired collaboration between several individuals. Collaboration takes place at Industrial Design, within Konstfack, with other disciplines and stakeholders.

Everyone should feel safe and dare to challenge and test the limits of their own abilities. Cultivating an open atmosphere and a collegial climate strengthens both teamwork and artistic integrity.


is the word that best sums up our core activity. In the design process, there are many aspects that must interact, and become something that is consciously fashioned and should be experienced as a meaningful whole. It may be a model, a prototype, or more generally a design proposal that gives form to an idea or a vision.

In order to do serious design work one must be able to acquire knowledge about the context where the design proposal is meant to be used. To achieve this, curiosity about other people and society is a prerequisite. It also requires on-going and lively discussions, as well as knowledge of form, handwork and sensitivity to the details that result in influential design proposals.


in plural because we believe in diversity and heterogeneity. Often we create design proposals showing alternative possibilities.

We want to drive development and be a step ahead. This brings great responsibility. In order to create products that work in the future requires more than design ability. It takes creativity, critical thinking and a great ability to reflect.

If wanting to design futures, one should study Industrial Design at Konstfack.