Master's programme in Visual culture and Learning - Visual Arts Education NoVA

120 credits, full-time studies, daytime campus and distance online

Studying with NoVA offers the opportunity to study within an international Master’s degree programme (120 ECTS) with a strong Nordic profile at two universities in the Nordic countries. NoVA teaching is provided by three universities, and open for international students. It builds on Nordic competences and expertise, related to current discussions on international art education.

As a student, you may direct yourself toward teaching, producing, designing, guidance and consultant tasks on different levels of schooling, or in the fields of art and visual and media culture, social sectors and corporate life.

Collaborating universities and departments are: Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education at Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design (SWE), School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University (FI), Communication and Digital media, at Aalborg University campus Copenhagen (DK). Read more about the NoVA-partners on []

When you apply to Konstfack, this becomes your home university. The second semester will be an exchange semester, and you choose as exchange university either Aalborg or Aalto. Studying in another collaborating university one semester is a requirement of NoVA.

 A Master´s degree programme in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education develops the conditions for conducting professional activities and further research studies in a critical, independent and creative way, and qualifies for educational leadership and development projects within the current field.

NoVA is based on e-learning (10 credits/semester are joint NoVA online courses), contact teaching, and face-to-face meetings. The idea of blended learning is one of the foundations of NoVA. Learning by doing, problem oriented approaches, and learning by using is integrated with practical and theoretical e-learning based activities. Contact teaching is a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops, peer working and student presentations, using explorative multimodal approaches: texts, images, audio, and different physical and digital interfaces and communication. Courses at Konstfack are studied together with the Master's programme in Visual Culture and Learning with specialisation Art Education.

Specific requirements
A Bachelor’s degree or a professional degree of at least 180 credits, including at least 90 credits of Visual Arts Education, or equivalent.

Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English 6. Read more about requirements here.

Language of instruction
All teaching, tutoring and examinations are in English.

Degree of Master of Arts in Visual culture and Learning - specialisation Visual Arts Education.

The selection is based on an overall assessment of the quality and quantity of the applicants’ previous studies and letter of intent.

Further evaluation consultation will be held for applicants selected as most qualified in the overall assessment. Consultations will be carried out by telephone or Skype for applicants who are not in Sweden at the time of the interview.

Your application must include the following for the selection to NoVA programme at Konstfack: 

1. A written letter of intent, maximum four (4) double-spaced A4 pages, including a description of personal goals and interests for NoVA, proposed area of research, and aim of study. The letter should indicate an understanding of opportunities for study in NoVA, and express an interest in the field of art education and/or visual studies. 

You should also suggest where you would like to do your exchange semester, first and second choice. NB that we cannot guarantee to offer your preferred choices.

Submit as (1) PDF file.

2. Visual portfolio of work that demonstrates your best artwork and/or art and visual studies activities in which you have been involved (such as pedagogical, museum, gallery, public, activist, cultural, or social engagement work).

The portfolio should consist of 5-10 JPG images. If you wish you can also add moving images, see instructions for moving images below.

All work submitted should be labeled with your name, title of work, media, dimension, date completed, and any additional text you wish to provide. You must include this information in your PDF file. In addition, you should include a written statement that provides a context for the work (no longer than 2 double-spaced pages in A4 format.)

Optional moving images.
If you wish to you can add a maximum of two moving images. Movie / animation / moving images should be displayed with screenshots and with links to movies posted on, for example, Vimeo or Youtube. Interactive jobs, webpage, apps, are presented with screenshot and a link that will work in regular browsers.

Submit as one (1) PDF file.

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
of maximum three (3) pages in A4 format. Including title and abstract from your BA thesis (or equivalent).

Submit as one (1) PDF file.

Technical specifications
File formats: PDF

Format for PDF files: A4

The PDF files must NOT be password protected.

Singles files should not be larger than 300MB. In total your portfolio must not exceed 500 MB.

Name all your files with Surname, First Name, and number of the file. (e.g. Smith_Anna_file1.pdf)

Optional - moving images
Movie / animation / moving images should be displayed with screenshots and with links to movies posted on, for example, Vimeo or Youtube. Interactive jobs, webpage, apps, are presented with screenshot and a link that will work in regular browsers.

Summary, this is to be submitted for the selection:

File 1. Letter of intent + suggestion of preferred location for exchange semester (1 PDF)

File 2. Visual portfolio (1 PDF) including optional moving images

File 3. CV (1 PDF)