Reference guide to publishing at Konstfack

Konstfack Collection is a publishing platform. The aim is to facilitate the dissemination of results from research and education carried out at Konstfack. 

We publish various types of publications, such as research publications, dissertations, teaching aids, and books resulting from courses at Konstfack. The logotype has been designed by two former students, Elisabeth Rafstedt and Sissela Jensen. Below is a guide on how to publish your work through Konstfack Collection.



Every book project is decided on by the Publication committe. There are four publication series: 

  • Konstfack Research Collection
  • Konstfack Education Collection 
  • Konstfack Dissertation Collection 
  • Konstfack Artists' Book Collection

Contact: Per Nordgren (secretary and contact person for the Publication committe) (


The application should contain the following:

  • Amount sought for the book project
  • Preliminary title and names of authors and editors.
  • Editor-in-charge
  • Synopsis or short description of the contents
  • (Preliminary) table-of-contents with short descriptions
  • A manuscript, or at least a partial draft of the work
  • Short description of purpose, subjects and methods used
  • Which is the main target group? 
  • Are there any obstacles to Open Access publication?

The above (apart from the manuscript) should be outlined in three to five pages. The applicant is expected to take an active part in the marketing of the publication, through personal networks and by supplying texts and other materials for promotion.



Contact the secretary of the Publication committee to be provided with logotype, ISBN, and series identity and number.

Per Nordgren (secretary and contact person)

08-450 41 25