Jenny Althoff

Prorektor / Vice rektor för utbildning och samverkan / Lektor

Jenny Althoff
08-450 4107
Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication / Industrial Design
Jenny Althoff has been a professional in art, design, pedagogy and interdisciplinary research. She has degrees from Columbia University (USA), Konstfack and Stockholm University and has also studied History of Religion and Social Anthropology. Jenny is interested in the ability of artistic processes to explore, challenge and reformulate what we may take for granted. In various projects, she has been involved in how knowledge can be shared with individuals, groups and organizations. Her research areas have focused on play as a risk-taking, inclusive and innovative method (Kunskapsstiftelsen), and sustainability in the public sector (Mista Futures). Jenny has run design projects in collaboration with companies and institutions and taught internationally. In addition to her assignment as Pro vice-chancellor, she has been employed as a Senior Lecturer in Design since 2015. As such, she focuses on collective learning, design and ecoliteracy as a basis for design practice.