The North: CuratorLab Final Programme

Datum och tid
24 maj 2024 kl 11:00 - 17:15
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Se karta)
Färdväg: Tunnelbana eller buss till Telefonplan

"Death means nothing to the colours" by Anders Sunna

Welcome and tour of the 2024 Degree Exhibition with Head of Exhibitions at Konstfack, Anne Klontz

"Imagine being able to speak all the world's languages without saying a word". Anders Sunna in conversation with Sixten Liu and CuratorLab 2023/24, a live podcast as a part of common seminar

Location: Svarta Havet

Sámi painter Anders Sunna was a student at Konstfack between 2006-2009. CuratorLab invites him to return to school for the first time for a-live podcast recording. We will speak about a sense of purpose as an artist, about art as a means of communication and activism, focusing on his approach to reach people's hearts first, and their consciousness and politics later.

"Threads of Home. Tradition and Modernity in Textile Patterns from Norrbotten and the Zickerman's Collection". A lecture by Silvia Colombo, CuratorLab

Location: Svarta Havet

Silvia Colombo, an Italian curator based in Luleå, presents her research on the textile patterns from Norrbotten and the Zickerman's collection at Konstfack. By focusing on the relationship between the private and the public dimension of textiles, their domesticity and their public use, the lecture will guide us through the territorial recognisability embedded in woven threads. And it will try to show how the geography of a place can be seen and reinterpreted through lines, colours, fibres and images instead of maps.

15:00-15:15 Break

Artist talk and film screening with Liselotte Wajstedt and Liselotte Winka, CuratorLab

Location: Svarta Havet

Liselotte Wajstedt is a Sámi filmmaker from Kiruna based in Stockholm, who has produced several documentaries, such as Sámi Daughter Yoik (2008) and Kiruna Space Road (2013). Her short films have depicted her Sámi roots and her family history or difficult issues of abuse and sexual assaults against Sámi women in the fiction film Jorinda's journey (2014) as well as the documentary film Silence in Sápmi (2022). In 2022 the short film "Eadni / Mother" was shown as an extended programme of the Sámi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

"Art and artistic activism in the (post)mining landscapes". Lecture by Aleksandra Kędziorek, CuratorLab

Location: Svarta Havet

What impact does the mining industry have on local and indigenous communities, and how is the complexity of these relationships reflected in contemporary art? The LKAB iron ore mine in Kiruna, northern Sweden, and the Turow lignite mine in Bogatynia, southwestern Poland, are on two opposite sides of a much-needed green transition. Both, however, show that no transition is painless – it has many shades when it comes to the lives and well-being of local and indigenous people. Art and artistic activism can play an important role in understanding this complexity and envisioning alternative scenarios for the future.

16:30-16.45 Break

Introduction and a short film "Work in progress - Strömmar" by Kerstin Möller, CuratorLab

Location: Svarta Havet

This ongoing project traces various forms of extractivism in the far North, on the land of the Sámí. By engaging with a multi-perspective research of extractivism and its effects on ecosystems and people, the film shows a few aspects of what it takes to become fossil free, with a focus on mining and hydropower dams. It is part of a larger research endeavour tracing changes in the global hydrosphere and its effects on water availability, water flows and how environments and meteorological conditions are becoming weaponized.

365 days, 6 hours & 9 minutes in Norrbotten, a video-concert by Mats Wikström, with introduction of Foteini Salvaridi, CuratorLab

Location: Video room at the Konstfack library

A film is an effect of an encounter and collaboration between Mats Wikström and curator Foteini Salvaridi, in which he revisits his statement video work Jag är en konstnär i Norrbotten (2009) and other works to reveal additional aspects of living and working as an artist up North. Through an audiovisual collage, Mats and Foteini invite us to orbit around the Sun and challenge the violent dipoles of center and periphery, nature and civilization, person and society, melancholy and humor, agony and hope, profession and hobby, art and life. The video concert is the after product of a live performance that took place at Havremagasinet in Boden in February 2024.


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