Konstfack Research Seminar: Meaning-making in the encounter between “the digital” and “the analogue”

Datum och tid
1 mars 2024 kl 13:00 - 15:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Hybrid location:
Room S6 (at Konstfack) and Zoom, konstfack-se.zoom.us/j/68047743320

Fredrik Lindstrand, Anette Göthlund, Siri Homlong and Annika Sandahl

In this research seminar hosted by the Department of Visual Art and Sloyd Education (IBIS), professor Anette Göthlund and senior lecturer Siri Homlong will begin with a resumé from IBIS’ recent node at Konstfack Research Week 2024, entitled Sketches in the field & sketches from the field: Ethical and aesthetic considerations when processing Empirics. During the node, examples were discussed of how digital and analogue methods have been used in research for anonymization, communication, basis for interviews and analysis. FoBoS doctoral student Annika Sandahl will also present examples from her research project at the seminar.

Following this, Fredrik Lindstrand (professor at IBIS) will give a presentation based on preliminary results from two ongoing research projects that, in various ways, address questions about meaning-making in the encounter between analogue and digital media and materials. One project focuses on digital materiality in cultural-historical museum exhibitions, and the other concerns students' work with digital pens, here regarded as manual sign-making with digital tools. As a synthesis between the projects - and as a starting point for an open discussion at the seminar - questions and reflections are raised concerning the conditions for meaning-making in the encounter between 'the analogue' and 'the digital'.

All are welcome to attend. If you wish to pre-register, please email: Siri.Homlong@konstfack.se

Research Seminars are a new seminar format which, throughout the 2023-4 academic year, will centre upon the discussion and dissemination of artistic research at Konstfack, and the sharing of new insights. Each seminar will be organised by a different department at Konstfack, and will take place eachmonth. This seminar is open to all staff, students and researchers at Konstfack, as well as members of the public.



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