Hot Box – MFA1

Datum och tid
16 maj 2024 kl 11:00 - 10 juni 2024 kl 00:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Outdoor gallery, upper level Sergels torg

Metro station: T-centralen

Opening: 16 May, at 11-12

We want to welcome you to our exhibition ‘HOT BOX’!

HOT BOX is a group exhibition featuring first-year students from the Master's programme in Fine Art.

Hmm, we think of... Being invisible, A small room that can be made very hot
A difficult situation which you can not easily escape, where there is a lot of pressure
A pressurized container/containment

A relationship to fill a space
A ”hot box” as a mid point
A center
A periphery
Maybe play around with -box?
Haha cool box, freeze box, cold box, boxen lol

When the group chat is lit

The box is us, this group of people: Zoi Johansson, Ailin Mirlashari, Johanna Teodora Kim, Albin Borg, Charlie Vince Jakobsson, Daiane Rafaela, Inês Varandas, Laurens Rohlfs, Ljubomir Popović, Lovie Peoples, Mariana Pestana, Theodor Ander, Markus Björkberger, Matilda Lövgren, Elis Essinger, Jani Luoma

Open 24/7.


Institutionen för konst

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with På Sergels torg.