Katja Pettersson

Senior Lecturer
08-450 42 23
Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication / Industrial Design
Katja Pettersson has been active as a designer on her own and in groups, as entrepreneur in the fair design and as lecturer and teacher sins her master degree 2004 in Industrial Design, Konstfack. She is one of the founding members of the design group Front which she left in 2009 to start 50/50, a company where the designer and producer works on an equal footing and share the profits equally. Katja works part time as senior lecturer at Konstfack and as an independent designer. She is interested in methods that combine practical and theoretical knowledge to create relevant design that interprets and develops the society. Her focus is also how to become more sustainable in all aspects of design with a focal point on norms, form and gestalt. She received a five year working grant 2014 from Konstnärsnämnden and are currently working on a gestalt of the court yard of city museum in Stockholm. A project assigned and approved of Stockholm Konst.

Updated: 4 April 2013