"I have no words for how good it was!"

4 september 2017

Christina Schaffer, teacher at the Konstfack course "Design for Sustainable Co-Creation" about the course:

"Masters course by Konstfack Back to the Land 2.0 reconnecting urban and rural through food systems, in almost at home in Hjulsjö.

The most creative course I’ve ever taught? The most unique dinner I’ve ever been to?

In the past I have had a lot of good courses and dinners. I am still high after a single day's  experience with a total sync between teachers & students & the site, and the feeling that “we explore together”.

I talked about the forest & sustainability and quided students from Sweden, USA, South Africa, Pakistan, Syria, Mexico & Finland to a fairly common skogsbacke. Based on it, we created a meal with the forest as a theme; food, ritual and decoration for everyone else in the course.

I have no words for how good it was! On top of this I got to teach with stars like Annika Göran Rödel, Cheryl Akner-Koler, Magnus Westling and John Thackara. Thanks to Michael Toivio and Rame Maze that broke the first ground."

// Christina Schaffer

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