Teaching expertise and documentation of educational qualifications

You are probably aware that teaching expertise is one of the entry requirements and bases of assessment for teachers within higher education in Sweden. Equal attention should be given to the assessment of the teaching expertise, and to the assessment of artistic or scientific skills.

What do we mean by teaching expertise?

Teaching expertise is about consciously repeating that which has been successful, and reworking what has been less successful. It encompasses more than classroom instruction. Konstfack’s view on teaching expertise concerns the ability:

  • To plan and carry out teaching/supervision based on the subject area and characterised by critical and inclusive dialogue, with the aim of supporting the students’ knowledge process and exploration.
  • To reflect on your teaching practice and to share this knowledge and experience.
  • To contribute to development and renewal within education, in dialogue with your colleagues.

Guide to documenting educational qualifications

To enable an assessment of your teaching skills a clear presentation and documentations is needed. You are welcome to use our template for documenting educational qualifications, which will advise you on what we would like you to include in your application. Please note that it is not necessary to fill anything in under every heading.

Template - documentation of educational qualifications.docx

If you would prefer to write your own document, rather than using the template, please follow this structure:

1. Teaching philosophy (no more than one A4, 500 words for this section)

  • Description of your teaching philosophy, i.e. how you view pedagogy in your teaching
  • Reflection on the ways in which your teaching philosophy is or can be expressed in your teaching/supervision or in other contexts.
  • Describe how your teaching philosophy has been expressed in concrete examples such as assignments, exercises, course descriptions, lesson planning or examination tasks. Write a list with a brief summary and supplement this, with up to three examples included as appendices.

2. Teaching experience (list your experience)

  • Teaching/supervision at university and/or school (for example vocational programmes, university preparatory courses within the artistic field). Specify role, scope and level:
  • Public lectures, seminars and/or workshops: 
  • Other relevant teaching experience outside of the school/university sector:

3. Pedagogical training

  • Training in higher education pedagogy
  • Other pedagogical training

4. Educational development work

  • Course development
  • Images, films, texts intended for use in an educational context.
  • Project management, collaboration and educational administration, or other relevant development work. 

5. Other educational qualifications

  • If you have any other educational qualifications that you would like to mention.