Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2024

7 February 2024

For the first time since the pandemic, nearly all programmes will be together at Konstfack during the same time, 15-24 May.

The Degree Exhibition 2024 is arranged as one gigantic group exhibition where works by bachelor’s, master’s and teacher education students are exhibited together in Konstfack’s spaces. One exception is the Fine Art master’s students have taken the initiative to exhibit at Färgfabriken from 16 to 24 May.

For the second year in a row Dotdotdot – comprised of Konstfack educated artists Lisa Juntunen Roos, Petter Rhodiner and Amy Worrall – will curate the exhibition. In close collaboration with the students, they weave together different narratives in their curating in order to achieve strong results both visually and theoretically.

The graphic identity is created by Linn Henrichson and Lars Høie. Linn graduated in 2020 from Konstfack’s Master’s programme in Visual Communication and Lars from the same programme in 2022. Together, they won the competition for the graphic concept for the exhibition which explores "the links between weaving, cross-stitch embroidery and early internet pixel aesthetics".

With weaving as a metaphor for the school’s role as a place for learning and making connections, the designers wanted to create something that can be seen as a collective tapestry that reflects the complex, interwoven relations within Konstfack as an institution. Influenced by the guiding role of the grid, all the visual elements are tied to a framework reminiscent of weaving patterns and/or digital pixel art. Incorporating motifs inspired by textile and the typography of cross-stitch embroidery, our approach challenges the modernist minimalist aesthetic by paying homage to the tradition of ornamentation.