Palle Torsson receives millions in grant from The Swedish Research Council

9 November 2023

Three million SEK is awarded to Palle Torsson, Senior Lecturer in Fine art, for the research project "Ada Research: a Meta-Quest into the World of Algorithms" (Ada Research: en Meta-Quest in i Algoritmens Värld) which, among other things, will make visible what has been displaced by the systems.

The artistic research project starts in 2024 and explores and documents digital systems and tools that are reshaping our perception of reality with a completely new force. Screens present results and images that are selected through algorithms to us at an ever-increasing pace. Our digital life is to be effective, generate a desired behavior or make us buy a product. To a lesser degree, the technology behind it is open, visible, altruistic, helps us orient ourselves or understand the world better. We see a narrower, comfortable, arranged reality with fewer choices, where only a stereotypical version of us fits in. But where does the displaced go?

The goal of the project is to find and describe strategies for using the systems in an alternative way, so that the repressed, the queer, the morphological - that can't be placed in simple categories - becomes visible.

– I want to direct my gaze towards the strange and fantastic world that technology makes possible, but that our conventions pushes away and hides inside technology's black box, says Palle Torsson.