Funds for the Perception Studio

20 November 2023

Konstfack's unique workshop where teaching and research around light, color, materials, visual perception and spatial experience takes place receives funds to develop course packages and educational materials. Thank you Svensson's foundation for lighting technology!

The Perception Studio receives a grant of 480,000 SEK from Svensson's foundation for lighting technology to develop the programme further. The teaching in the studio is unique and there are few, or no other schools that offer courses with the same focus. The knowledge area is fundamental for all artistic disciplines that work with visual expressions, and there is therefore a demand for an expanded range of courses in the Perception Studio.

To meet this, Svensson's foundation for lighting technology has now made it possible to develop various course packages including educational demonstration materials that can be adapted to the focus of courses and in an easily accessible way illustrate various related principles and phenomena related to visual perception, light and color in spatial contexts.

Read more about the Perception Studio here:

Image: Works by Yuqing Tang and Nora Linnros