Curators and graphic designer chosen for Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2023

1 February 2023

Dotdotdot curates and Laslo Strong designs this year's edition of the Degree Exhibition.

Left: Curators Dotdotdot (Photo: Cassie Abraham)
Right: Graphic designer Laslo Strong (Photo: Sissela Jensen)

Members of the group Dotdotdot, Lisa Juntunen Roos, Petter Rhodiner and Amy Worrall, are all graduates of Konstfack and in 2019, they came together through a frustration at a lack of artist-run spaces and initiatives in Stockholm. The aim from the start was to fill the gap between traditional craft galleries and conventional art galleries.

Since then, 10 exhibitions organized by the group have shown over 70 artists and have also worked closely with illustrators and graphic designers who created unique profiles for each exhibition. Dotdotdot’s projects revolve around different narratives, themes and concepts and they work closely with artists in order to achieve a strong visual and theoretical result.
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Laslo Strong, who won the competition for the Degree Exhibition’s graphic identity, is a graphic designer who graduated in spring 2022 from Konstfack’s Master’s programme in Visual Communication. With a focus on typography, he creates media-focused graphic identities and design concepts from editorial methods, research and technical experimentation. He recently became a member of the collective Our Polite Society.
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Laslo Strong’s winning concept expands upon his experience of the “tumultuous process” during the months before the Degree Exhibition; to step into new workshops, talk with new people, find new solutions, experiment and improvise. These thoughts led him to the concept of the green screen technique which will play films showing creative processes with connotations of agency, contemporaneity, fantasy and storytelling – concepts that are highly relevant for Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition. Throughout the Degree Exhibition, the green screen will play short films about ongoing student processes.

Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2023 takes place on 6–12 May for bachelor’s students, and on 20–26 May for master’s and teacher education students.