Adam Bergholm successfully defended his doctoral thesis, congratulations!

14 September 2023

Adam Bergholm defended on 13 September 2023 his thesis, "Key Notes on the Unruly City - Social, Material, and Spatial Transgressions", carried out under the Doctoral programme of Art, Technology and Design.

Opponent: Dr. Robin Wilson (Associate Professor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, London)

Main supervisor: Dr. Catharina Gabrielsson
Co-supervisors: Dr. Martín Ávila and Johanna Lewengard

Grading Board members: Dr. Stefano Harney (Professor of transversal aesthetics, Academy of Media Arts Cologne), and Dr. Kristine Samson (Associate Professor at Roskilde University, Department of Communication and Arts), Dr. Pernilla Hagbert (Researcher at the Dept. of Urban Planning and Environment, KTH)

Chair: Professor Helena Mattsson

Abstract and thesis: