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Bully goes fishing in new book about design and nature Erik Sandelin, PhD student at Konstfack, contributes with a chapter, titled "Bully Goes Fishing" to the new anthology "Design and Nature: A partnership", just published by Routledge.
30 November - 1 December
The Student Union invites you to Konstfack's annual Christmas market! Ceramics, textiles, painting, jewelry, glass, posters, sculpture, decor and everything between heaven and earth are offered when students from all disciplines sell art, design and crafts.
4 October - 1 November at hangmenProjects
During Stockholm Craft Week, hangmenProjects presents a current narrative on craft by 17 material-based artists.
Handmade Tales
23 October at 4:30-6:00 pm in Svarta havet
Ornament Matters — Revisiting the Art and Politics of Decoration. Can ornament have meaning? What happens when we treat decoration not just as surface, but as an active expression of values and ideas?
Open School with Svante Tirén
24 October at 9:30 am - 12:30 pm in Wickmans
"My talk will be about the notion of translatability (as it was proposed by Walter Benjamin) and how it redefines the subject-object relation. I will elucidate the connection between Benjamin's concept and photogenically, the fundamental category and film philosophy in general."
Irina Sandomirskaja: Film, Theory, and the Translatability of Experience (re: Artavazd Peleshian)
20 September - 27 October in Timișoara, Romania
For the third edition of The Art Encounters Biennial in Timișoara, a series of context-sensitive commissions will reflect on contemporary art as a form of understanding which, along with science, politics, literature, and philosophy, helps us tackle the complexity of life today.
Behzad Khosravi Noori and Bella Rune participate in Art Encounters Biennial 2019
26 September - 24 November in Oslo
Einar Rodhe (Konstfack) and Daniel Norell (Chalmers) in collaboration with Josefin Wangel (SLU) exhibits "Under Construction" - a city constantly being rebuilt using the same stock of materials.
Einar Rodhe participates in Oslo Architecture Triennale: The Architecture of Degrowth
Andrea Peach curates an Being Human Festival exhibition As part of the Being Human Festival Professor Andrea Peach (Konstfack, Stockholm) and Professor Sarah Pedersen (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) will curate an exhibition hosted by the Orkney Library and Archive in November 2019.
5-16 November at Färgfabriken
An exhibition about novel digital crafting, material research and encounters in interactive architecture curated by Anna Maria Orrù.
Unpredictable Flesh
13 November at 4.30-6.00 pm in Svarta havet
Typical Power. Using an intersectional perspective, Brita Lindvall Leitmann will show how history has affected norms, individuals, taste and what is often considered neutral.
Open School with Brita Lindwall Leitman
15 November, 7-8 pm at Moderna Museet
As part of "Mud Muses", Anna Lundh, PhD student at Konstfack, presents a lecture performance that has been created especially for the exhibition.
Anna Lundh participates in the exhibition 'Mud Muses'
20 November, 09.30 am - 11.00 pm at Konstfack and Royal College of Music
The theme of the symposium is the impact of artistic research. The purpose is to highlight examples that reflect the breadth of artistic research, and to discuss questions about how it is disseminated and what happens to the research results.
Symposium on Artistic Research
20 November at 4.30-6.00 pm in Svarta havet
Nordic Colonialism - Race and Visual Culture. In her work, Åsa Bharathi Larsson explores the ways in which a colonial culture, or universe, was established, circulated and given meaning through visual representations in Sweden at the turn of last century, broadening the view of colonial history and its postcolonial present.
Open School with Åsa Bharathi Larsson
25 November at 4-6 pm
Welcome to a information session, where you will learn all about Konstfacks Master's programmes in design, arts and crafts.
Information session about Konstfack's Master's programmes
27 November at 4.30-6.00 pm in Svarta havet
Image as weapon – Exoticism vs. mimicry in the imperialist narrative. This lecture will focus on issues concerning freedom of speech within visual communication.
Open School with Karin Sunvisson
7 December, 5-6 pm at Moderna Museet
As part of "Mud Muses", Anna Lundh, PhD student at Konstfack, presents a lecture performance that has been created especially for the exhibition.
Anna Lundh participates in the exhibition 'Mud Muses'
11 December at 4.30-6.00 in Svarta havet
A Lesbian Lowbrow Lecture. A queer and feminist bookstore (Hallongrottan), a lesbian action comedy b-movie (Dyke Hard) and a graphic novel about elderly LGBTQ people (I slutet av regnbågen) - all three projects that have been carried out in collaboration with queer communities in Stockholm.
Open School with Bitte Andersson
Andrea Peach new professor of craft specialising in craft history and theory Andrea Peach has over twenty years of experience teaching contextual and critical studies in UK art schools.
Martin Avila's work with scorpions in Argentina published as book chapter by MIT The book "Grounding Urban Natures. Histories and Futures of Urban Ecologies", edited by Henrik Ernstson and Sverker Sörlin, was recently launched by MIT Press.
Mara Lee Gerdén new professor of fine arts specialising in art theory and art history Mara Lee Gerdén has an international artistic practice that stretches from poetry to performance lectures and essays. She has a PhD in literary composition from Valand Academy and is currently running a research project that is investigating the connection between emotions and power within art and literature.
22 August - 21 September at Berg Gallery
Simon Anund's new exhibition about decay being part of all life cycles, both in buildings and in humans.
Matter and Decay
22 August - 10 November at Voksenåsen in Norge
Bella Rune, professor at Konstfack, uses smart mobile technology to explore the meeting between the forest room, the digital and the physical space.
Bella Rune's 'Konsekvensanalys'
Alumni about Konstfack Some of Konstfack's many alumni tell about their time at and their memories of the school:
Lasse Åberg, graphic designer, artist, film director, actor, musician, etc.
Lena Bergström, textile and glass designer.
Lotta Kühlhorn, designer, illustrator and author.
Matti Klenell, designer, interior designer and glass artist.
Oscar Guermouche, artist.
Sepidar Hosseini, graphic designer and illustrator.
5 June 2019 - 1 March 2020 at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art
Interwoven is an exhibition exploring ties between art and textile design, including a glimpse of bold new materials used by experimental designers.
Bella Rune participates in 'Interwoven' at EMMA
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni is a network including approximately 1800 artists, designers, pedagogues and curators, all of them with a degree from Konstfack.

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