Our new doctoral students and their projects

11 March 2024

After four doctoral positions in Konstfack’s doctoral education on the subject of “Artistic Practice in Visual, Applied and Spatial Arts” were announced in the autumn, our first PhD admissions have taken place.

Anne Low, Ernesto Garcia (photo Klara Schyberg), Bitte Andersson and Martin Gustavsson.

We warmly welcome those accepted who will begin in the autumn and are presented here through their respective project:

Anne Low, artist (Craft: Textile)
“My proposed project will consider the role embodiment and fragmentation play in both the practice and understanding of textiles in relation to sculptural form. It will interweave archival and material research from a weaver’s perspective within the context of my artistic practice. I want to pursue an understanding of embodiment and fragmentation that traverses research and process and apply that learning to an ongoing body of work in sculpture and installation. My project seeks to draw out the nuanced communicative abilities of textiles to express mysterious conditions of human behaviour relating to desire, taste and subjectivity.”

Bitte Andersson, illustrator, comic artist, lecturer, and filmmaker (Visual communication: illustration/sequential storytelling)
The Healing of Visually Inflicted Wounds is an artistic research project that examines the gaze’s ability to both inflict wounds and enable healing in visual communication and specifically in comics. It is a multidisciplinary project that uses the practice of drawing comics as it’s starting point but also looks at other visual mediums such as film, visual art and illustration and uses qualitative methods from both sociological and artistic research.”

Ernesto Garcia, interior architect and furniture designer SIR/MSA (Interior architecture and furniture design: private and public spaces)
“Something Is Broken is a project about what I think is the environmental situation of the world and the changes we need to do. Something I have reflected on is how sustainable issues has affected my artistic process and my practice of design in a reflective, self-critical, poetic and philosophical way. It has started with some kind of paralysis facing the climate crisis and the idea of “the best thing to do is not to produce anything at all” which can become a pause to reflect about the problem and imagine other alternative ways to do things. And it was in this pause that the idea of “something is broken” came to me. I see the process of this project as this kind of pause.”

Martin Gustavsson, artist (Art: Painting)
“The research, in the project Faggoty Brushstrokes in Motion, will focus on the relationship between painting and performance and look for the homoerotic or queer in that embodiment. In that relationship there is also a dual movement of, on the one hand, a desire to address one's own subculture and allow it to generate a common aesthetic, and on the other hand a desire to win recognition and visibility in a wider perception of culture. The project aims to treat painting as a bodily knowledge-generating act and practice.”

Within the same doctoral education are also Brita Leitmann, Cecilia Flumé, matt lambert and Cara Tolmie.