Informative donation to Konstfack's library

19 February 2024

Thank you Formafantasma, Konst-ig and Stockholm Furniture Fair for the opportunity to deepen our knowledge!

This year's guests of honour at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the research-based Italian design studio Formafantasma, created a large, interactive space titled Reading Room with undulating textile walls in the fair's entrance hall.

"A place to sit down, reflect and learn, something that the design industry really needs," as Andrea Trimarchi, one of the studio's founders, described it when he also explained that everything in the room would be donated to be reused.

Created with as little resources as possible, including knotty wild birch furniture from Artek, there were around forty titles on sustainability, ecosystems, and ecology by authors such as George Monbiot, Donna J. Haraway and Bruno Latour; they are topics that can also be connected to Konstfack's unique master's programme, Design Ecologies.

Through an initiative from the bookstore Konst-ig and the furniture fair, all the glory is now in Konstfack's library. Generous!