Martin Avila manages new research project

8 March 2023

The project "Material cultures for interspecies cohabitation" will through design proposals explore how humans can interact with other species. Professor Martin Avila leads the project during 2023-25.

Human-made objects often exclude other creatures as users - they cannot interact with these objects. At the same time, most artifacts that humans use on a daily basis have made it more difficult for us to interact with other life forms. This project wants to contribute to reshaping human relations with other species by designing objects that also include ways of life other than human. Through design proposals, the project investigates alternative ways of interacting with specific species. Ecosemiotic analysis also examines how meaning-making by several species is fundamental to the understanding of ecological systems and their resilience. The project is based on ecosemiotic theory.

The project is funded by The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and runs 2023-25.