Konstfack student winner in Togetherness Design Award 2023

3 October 2023

Jenna Gillinger, student at the Master's programme in Design - Spatial Design, wins with the modular stool "Boa".

"Boa" transforms from a toddler stool, to an adult stool, with or without a cuddly seat cushion, it can function as a footstool, step stool or even side table or coffee table.

– As a mother of four, with two teenage stepsons and two toddlers I know the importance of objects and furniture that evolves and grows with the family. Therefore I wanted to create an object that will be loved by the toddler, the teenager and the grownups, an object that isn't "outgrown" after a year, an object that doesn't go with the "buy, use, throw away-society", but that lasts both aesthetically and in function for generations, says Jenna Gillinger.

Togetherness Design Award 2023

A modular pine stool with multiple uses wins OYOY Living Design's Togetherness Award