Expand your horizons – join Konstfack Research Week 23–27 January

20 January 2023

During Refractions*, Konstfack Research Week 2023, we explore interdisciplinary practices, discourses and perspectives on artistic research from across the areas of art, craft, design, interior architecture and furniture design, visual communication and teacher education.

Artist Erik Bünger performs his The Elephant Who Was a Rhinoceros on Monday 23 January, at 13-14.

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Sometimes defined through its capacity to incorporate the intuitive, the pre-conceptual, and the non-linguistic, artistic research contributes to the production and dissemination of new knowledge in and through the practice of art, crafts and design. Throughout Konstfack Research Week 2023, we will have the opportunity to reflect upon the ways in which artistic research has the ability to affect and interact with society at large, encountering, engaging with, and contributing to the sharing of new insights.

For inquiries, contact Mat Gregory, Project Leader for Konstfack Research Week 2023, mathew.gregory@konstfack.se.

* = Refractions: The phenomenon of light or radio waves being deflected when passing obliquely through an interface between one medium and another, or through a medium of varying density.