Clay-based Experience and Languageness

23 January 2023

Ceramist and Senior Lecturer at Konstfack Mårten Medbo's thesis "Lerbaserad erfarenhet och språklighet" from 2016 was the first in Sweden on the topic of crafts. Now it's translated and available in English.

Graphic design: Knut Stahle

In "Clay-based Experience and Languageness" Mårten Medbo sees the 90s as a beginning of a period of major changes in the field of crafts – a theoretical turn. In his dissertation he reflects upon the change, for instance that the turn doesn't include the theory practice (= the practice that produces theory) of the field and his work is an attempt to help fill the gap.

"If you look at language as a means of conveying information, then the idea of clay-based linguistics is just as obvious as body language, doublespeak or baby talk", is Mårten Medbo's assertion.

"Clay-based Experience and Languageness" will be sold in bookshops and at Konstfack's front desk after the release at Konst-ig, Åsögatan 124 in Stockholm on Wednesday 25 January, 17.30–19.00. Welcome!

Read more about the thesis here: Clay-based Experience and Languageness

Facebook event for the release: Mårten Medbo: Clay-Based Experience & Languageness