REF. Publishing Fair

Date and time
24 April 2024 at 01:00 PM - 26 April 2024 at 04:00 PM
Type of event
Place and route

Gallery Konstfack
The students own gallery (located on the side of Konstfack)
Konstfack, Tellusgången 16, Stockholm (Look at a map)
Underground station: Telefonplan

We warmly welcome you to 2nd edition of REF. PUBLISHING FAIR!

This year, REF. returns to bring together more than 63 local artists, publishers and designers, inviting the participants to distribute their work on a platform outside of the traditional publishing scene. Organized by Konstfack Graphic Design and Illustration students, the fair aims to create a space for reflection, dialogue and interaction – an opportunity to gather around print!

Historically, printed matter has played an important role in recording, spreading and circulating of knowledge and ideas, making it a powerful tool for challenging conventions and fueling of social and political change. Publication is not limited to the materiality of printed objects. It can also refer to the act of making public. To form a public as the publication travels and shapes an audience around it.

The event is committed to shine a light on the richness and diversity of publishing and print culture, to explore and question the boundaries of what a publication is and can be.

Wednesday 24 April: 13–18
Thursday 25 April: 13–18
Friday 26 April: 13–16


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Amanda Hoy
Anton Isaksson
Asli Abdulrahman
Aziza Ahmad
Beata Salonen Ripa
Björn Rosenfågel
Cecilia Vårhed
Clara Bessijelle Johansson
Diana Jakobsson
Ebba Gideon Sörman
Ebba Hägne
Ella Helmersson Landgren
Emelie McBay
Flora Liedgren
Hanna Stenman
Ilona Viarouchyk
Jakob Reinhard
Jens Schildt
Joar Urban
Johanna Bergkvist
Johnny Chang
Jonna Bo Lammers
Josefin Englund
Julius Lindahl
Kajsa Hansson
Kassandra Lora
Katja Reimers
Krizia Zurita
Laurens Rohlfs
Lina Alarabi
Lindsay Baker
Lynn Im-Arom
Magdalena Keller
Mai Alneng
Maja Björk
Maja Schein
Maja Sondén
Malcolm Harrison
Marcus Eriksson
Mari Mattsson
Mariana Sou
Matilda Zeitz
Max Lundgren
Maya Jett
Nora Barrios
Noreen Cyckees
Petra Penlau
Rasmus Eo Clarke
Rita Ribeiro dos Santos
Roby Redgrave
Sabina Kvarnström
Sana Abdul Rahman
Sara Kaaman
Sarasvati Shrestha
Scott Huber
Sissela Nordling Blanco
Sophia Ernestål
Tove Ottosson
Falk Schröter
Mikaela Wei


Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication