Falla Uppåt – BFA1 Group Exhibition

Date and time
19 April 2024 at 05:00 PM - 26 April 2024 at 08:00 PM
Type of event
Place and route

Vita havet
Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Look at a map)
Underground station: Telefonplan

Vernissage: Friday 19 April, from 17:00 to 20:00

Falla Uppåt [Falling Upwards]
‘falling’ is to suddenly be set into motion without intending to or by accident. Disorientation, motion and velocity - we are setting course to somewhere uncharted, we are falling upwards.

Falla Uppåt [Falling Upwards] is a group exhibition created and held by the first year students of the bachelor's fine arts programme.

The exhibition will be showing works form Aaron Bergstrand, Sara Rad, Ella Azcárate Lindblom, Thea Strömsten, Jo Loui Borup, Astrid Lakso, Astrid Elvin Mahedero, Filippa Friberg, Filippa Hansson, Amanda Prising, Olle Witt, Hedda Söderlund, Lea Eilers, Hedvig Ingvarsson and Anton Ströbeck.

Aaron Bergstrandaaron.bergstrand@student.konstfack.se 0793133443

The Bachelor’s programme Fine Art