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Uppdaterad: 2 mars 2018

Sites and Situations, 30 credits

- organising platforms for socially engaged design and architecture

What are the issues and contexts for social engagement and how can design and architecture practice contribute to transformation? How and where can one organise and operate and what does it take?

This postgraduate course is exploring and experimenting in how to organise platforms for practice and discourse within socially engaged design and architecture. With a focus on experimental, investigative and critical practice the course will look into how design and architecture can engage in societal issues beyond or within its traditional role as service orientated disciplines. Sites and Situations will inquiry and discuss this field through examples of issues, contexts and practice (spanning from self-organised platforms for activism to curatorial practice) and finally develop a series of experimental projects. The course is intended to function as a platform for research, experiments and sharing knowledge and experience. It is organised around a series of work sessions and projects developed with invited Swedish and international guests and set up to offer the course participants the possibility to combine with professional practice.

Course content and structure
The one-year course is organised in two parts over two semesters. The first part intends to give an overview of socially and politically engaged design and architecture practice, issues and contexts for engagement and insights in various forms of organising platforms for practice and discourse. The course will include research and discussions, mapping, collecting, analysing and documenting examples of practice. In the second part of the course a series of experimental platforms for practice and discourse are planned, developed and collectively executed. Through out the course a publication will be developed to function as a tool for documentation, sharing and distribution of knowledge.

Sites and Situations is set up as a cross-disciplinary platform for research and experimentation and it will provide the participants with both an overview and insights in socially engaged design and architecture. The participant will actively engage in individual and collective research, study visits, discussions, writing, documentation and organising events and projects. Through these processes and work sessions with guests, the participant will be introduced to new areas of knowledge and networks of Swedish and international practitioners, organisations and institutions. Download Course Description PDF for more details (see below)

Entry requirements
Bachelor´s degree, or higher in design architecture, curatorial studies, or related field, and at least two year´s professional experience within these areas. And proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English 6 / English B.

The selection is based on an overall assesment of the applicant´s portfolio, motivation letter and CV.

Course code: DIF003

Course period
The course is taught over a 40 week period, the study pace is half time studies (50%). It’s structured to offer the participants the possibility to combine with professional practice, combining intense 2 – 4 days work sessions with individual or collective work and tutorial in-between.

Start: 28 August, 2017
End: 3 June, 2018

Course syllabus: DIF003 Sites and Situations 30hp_course syllabus

Course description: Course Description Sites and Situations

Language: The course is taught in English

Course leader: Magnus Ericson, independent curator and project co-ordinator, guest teacher at Konstfack (responsible for the postgraduate course Organising Discourse 2014 – 2016)

Learning outcomes
Upon completing the course, the course participant is to:

- Demonstrate a wide understanding of organising platforms for practice and discourse in the fields of socially engaged design and architecture.

- Develop and execute individual and collective research related to the issue of socially engaged design and architecture practice and execute a collective project as an example of a platform.

- Demonstrate the ability to examine and critically reflect on ethical aspects of platform building within socially engaged design and architecture.

- Demonstrate the ability to participate in discussions and articulate knowledge and experience orally and in written form.

- Demonstrate an experimental approach and a self-reflective attitude in ones work.

- Demonstrate self-responsibility for the work process, working method and time management.

The first part of the course is concluded in documentation and reflections of research presented through contribution to the publication and oral presentation (15hp). The second part are presented through the completion of the projects and in examination through oral presentation and documentation and written reflections for the publication (15p). The course leader will monitor the student’s engagement and development through work sessions and tutorials and together with guest critics, the final project during the examination. The grade criteria are designed based on the expected learning outcomes of the course. Students are awarded a pass (G) or fail (U) grade.

How to apply:

The online application is open from 15 March to 18 April 2017

When applying to Konstfack you submit an online application to the Swedish central application website www.universityadmissions.se (antagning.se for Swedish speaking applicants), and send qualifications to support the entry requirements to universityadmissions.se (antagning.se for Swedish speaking applicants).

You will also need to upload files electronically via Konstfack's website. These files will be used in the selection between eligible applicants.

Files to submit to Konstfack's website:
1. Portfolio of former works and/or projects, one (1) PDF file, max 10 pages.
2. CV, one (1) PDF file.
3. Motivation letter, one (1) PDF file

Please note that late applications are processed if time permits and/or study places are available. Late applicants are ranked by application date only.

Important dates

15 March 2017: Online application (antagning.se/universityadmissions.se) and portal to upload applicant assignment (konstfack.se) open.

18 April 2017:
Application deadline.

8 May 2017: Qualifications to certify the entry requirements, and payment of application fee or certification of fee exempt status must have reached University Admissions.

Deadline to upload portfolio/files for selection to konstfack.se.

May / June: Assessment of applications.

13 July 2017: 1st Notification of selection results.

28 July 2017: Last date to reply to offer.

3 August 2017: 2nd Notification of selection results.

28 August 2017: Course start.

Tuition fees and studying in Sweden
Students with citizenship in countries outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland are in general required to pay tuition fees. Read more about application and tuition fees here.

For information on studying in Sweden please visit www.studyinsweden.se.

More information

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