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Research Lab CRAFT!, 60 credits, 2016/2017

Research Lab CRAFT! = One year of CRAFT-based research

CRAFT!= Ceramics & Glass + Textiles + Ädellab

Knowledge that acts norm critically and rests on an artistic foundation, is central for the field of Crafts at Konstfack. The artistic expression that develops here takes shape in practice and theory, in acts and in reflection. Craft research on an artistic foundation is a relatively new subject in Sweden. 

Research Lab CRAFT! offers students to specialise in a self-selected craft project for one year, during which the students take a lot of responsibility for their own knowledge intake. The student develops their own project through theoretical, practical, material, communicative, and publishing inquiries, explores, and perhaps even challenges what research in the field may be.

Applicants should have a Master's in crafts, or another appropriate master's education which is relevant to contemporary crafts.  Applicants must have a good ability to independently plan their work, push it forward, and create their own platforms.  In addition, applicants are expected to have an advanced study practice, and have an interest and ability to examine the forms which publishing through crafts can take in the future.

Those who are accepted onto the programme will design an individual study plan in consultation with a supervisor. Students will have access to workshops within their specialisation, a workplace at Konstfack, and continuous supervision. Konstfack's wide range of lectures and other activities are also open to accepted students.

We are calling for projects that aim to explore how forms of knowledge within the field of crafts can challenge, use, and deepen the relationship between theory and practice, through studio and workshop work on an artistic foundation. Furthermore, we welcome projects that, from the exercising perspective, examine craft history from a norm-critical perspective.

Entry requirements
Admission to the course requires a minimum of 60 credits on advanced level in the field of Craft or equivalent. And proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English 6/English B. Read more about the language requirements here.

Course period
The course is taught over a 40 week period, and there will be seminars, group discussions and individual tutoring.
Start: 29 August, 2016
End: 3 June, 2017

Course syllabus: MFM209_Research Lab CRAFT!_60hp.pdf

Artistic assessment/portfolio

Examiners are the professors within the craft subjects at Konstfack.

The examination consists of
- A report/ documentation of the research project
- Written conclusion of the research project
- Verbal and physical presentation of the project in form of public exhibition/seminar/lecture

Language: The course is taught is English

How to apply to Research Lab CRAFT!

The online application and the portal to upload files is open from 1 December 2016 to 15 Januari 2016.

When applying to Konstfack you submit an online application to the Swedish central application website www.universityadmissions.se (antagning.se for Swedish speaking applicants), and send qualifications to support the entry requirements by post to University Admissions in Sweden, FE 20101, SE 839 87 Ostersund, Sweden (or Antagningservice FE 20101, 839 87 Östersund for Swedish applicants).

You will also need to upload files electronically via Konstfack's homepage. These files will be used in the selection between eligible applicants.

Files to submit to Konstfack's website:
1. Portfolio of former works and/or projects, one (1) PDF file, max 10 pages.
2. CV, one (1) PDF file.
3. Project description, one (1) PDF file

The project description should consist of 1000 - 1600 words and it shall explain the research subject as well as suggest research methods and it shall propose the relevance of the research for the field of craft.

Application is closed.

Application is closed.

Important dates

1 December 2015: Online application (universityadmissions.se) and portal to upload applicant assignment (konstfack.se) open.

15 January 2016: Deadline to apply via universityadmissions.se (antagning.se for Swedish applicants).

1 February 2016: Deadline to upload portfolio online via Konstfack's website.  Last date for documents to support the entry requirements (academic qualifications and English proficiency) and documents to support fee exemption/or application fee payment must have reached University Admissions in Sweden, FE 20101, SE 839 87 Ostersund, Sweden (or Antagningservice FE 20101, 839 87 Östersund for Swedish applicants).

February: Assessment of portfolios

4 April 2016: First notification of selection results is published at universityadmissions.se (antagning.se for Swedish applicants)

14 April 2016: Last date to reply to the offer

20 April 2016: Second notification of selection results is published at universityadmissions.se (antagning.se for Swedish applicants)

Tuition fees and studying in Sweden

Students with citizenship in countries outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland are in general required to pay tuition fees. Read more about application and tuition fees here.

For information on studying in Sweden please visit www.studyinsweden.se.


More information

Pia Schenkmanis Rämö
Skyddad adress
+46 8 450 41 80

Course directors:
Professor Zandra Ahl
Professor Bella Rune

Department: Department of Design, Crafts and Arts

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