CuratorLab 60 credits, 2021

Curatorial course for professionals in Arts, Crafts and Design

Call for 2021/2022: Come co-curate the Konstfack MA Degree Exhibition 2022!

Red Grooms transporting artwork to Reuben Gallery, New York, 1960. © John Cohen

How to apply

1. Apply at (for Swedish speaking applicants:

2. Upload files to

Important dates

1 December 2020: Online application ( / and portal to upload applicant assignment ( open. 

15 January 2021: Application deadline ( /

1 February 2021: Qualifications to certify the entry requirements, and payment of application fee or certification of fee exempt status must have reached University Admissions.
Deadline to upload portfolio/files for selection to

February - April 2021: Assessment of applications

16 April 2021: Notification of selection results is published ( /

30 August 2021: Course start.


For the next academic year 2021/2022, we invite you to join the team of curators for one of the most anticipated art events in Stockholm: Konstfack's Degree Exhibition 2022. It will include the Master' degree programmes from the following departments: Fine Art; Craft! (Textile, Glass and Ceramics, Jewellery and Corpus); Spatial Design; Individual Study Plan in Design and Visual Communication. Through a mix of dialogues, studio visits, feedback, crit sessions, group work, field trips and seminars, we will delve into the ideas and visions of over 85 graduates across these fields.

Konstfack's Degree Exhibition is one of the most important and widely attended art events of the Stockholm art community. It also produces a lot of hopes, aspirations and expectations—some of them impossible to fulfill. We will explore questions around the possible ways of presenting this diverse educational setting and opening up the process rather than only celebrating its final results. How can we combine the intimacy of learning and failing and the array of materials and techniques within a situated context of a given space-time? How to understand — paraphrasing Audre Lorde — our interdependence in relation to our own individual power and creativity? How to negotiate between students' desires for self-expression and the curatorial impulse to identify narratives? How to refrain from the reenactment of old hierarchies and think of an unique place of art schools in the ecosystem of art and beyond it? How to combine the large scale production with a setting that benefits all graduates? How to work professionally, efficiently but critically within the frameworks of an established institution? And finally how to manage a shared budget and work with deadlines?

CuratorLab is a one-year international curatorial course at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm under the program direction of Joanna Warsza and guest lecturer Maria Lind with support from curatorial assistant Vasco Forconi. CuratorLab is the oldest curatorial education in Sweden, established in 1999, and remains a platform open to everybody with curiosity to challenge and present new curatorial practices. We are exploring radical approaches to engagement, debating pertinent issues of our times, having collective fun and practicing horizontal learning.

Every year we work around one common topic. In recent years, we have: traced an archeology of our profession by studying the legacy of the forerunners of our field; tested advocacy as a curatorial form standing for socially engaged art in the Visible Temporary Parliament; traced the topic of migration in the public collection of the Malmö Konstmuseum; co-edited a reader on love and revolution drawing on the legacy of the Bolshevik revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai together with the artist Dora García and re-staged the "Operaist Trial 1977-78" with the artist Rossella Biscotti.

Next year, in order to effectively work with the MA students, a group of ten CuratorLab participants will split into smaller teams that will then work together with a specific programme or perhaps across them. Planning and logistics of the exhibition will be developed closely with Anne Klontz, Head of Exhibitions at Konstfack.

The situation with Covid-19 is still an important issue in relation to this open call, therefore, CuratorLab may need to consider both physical and online variations of the Degree Exhibition 2022, hoping for the first!

We welcome you to join forces with us in this endeavor!

Course leader: Joanna Warsza, Guest lecturers: Maria Lind and Anne Klontz.
Guest seminars by: Shaon Chakraborty, Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti (DAAR), Samuel Grima, MINT (Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari), Michele Masucci, Bella Rune and many others.

We will meet four times per year for 10 days sessions (with some online meetings in-between).

Early September 2021 – Introduction to Stockholm, Konstfack, the Degree Exhibition history, first round of studio visits (overview) with the 2022 MA students, site visits, possible common study trip concluding with team+programme selection.

November 2021 – Second round of studio visits for teams to meet with their selected programme, individual meetings and workshops about the Degree Exhibition process (budget, working with students, Konstfack procedures and premises, online exhibition catalogue, external locations, etc)

Early March 2022 – Meetings with MA students about their degree projects, workshops around practical details (placement of works, budget, materials, online exhibition catalogue, external locations.)

April 2022 (online) – Each team will need to plan a meeting with their programme to show students the placement of their works. Start to develop public programme.

Early May 2022 – Building, installation and opening of the Degree Exhibition, implement public program (the exhibition is usually open to the public for 10 days).

You do not need to be based in Stockholm, however we encourage those who are to apply. Attendance during all the sessions is necessary.

"The Degree Exhibition is a depiction of our contemporary society, tales of the chaotic time we are currently living in, in which art, crafts, architecture and pedagogy help us to give this time a language."
Emily Fahlen and Asrin Haidari, curators of the Degree Exhibition 2019 and 2020.

Course Syllabus: KOY001 CuratorLab rev2020.pdf

Language of instruction: English

Entry Requirements
Bachelor’s degree of 180 credits, or higher, in fine arts, art history, critical studies, curatorial studies, architecture, crafts and design, and/or equivalent work experience in independent curatorial practices or within institutions for at least three years. And proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English 6/English B. Read more about the language requirements here.

The selection is based on an overall assessment of the applicant’s previous relevant work experience, motivation, project proposal and portfolio, and possible interviews.

How to apply to CuratorLab

1. Apply at (for Swedish speaking applicants:
When applying to Konstfack you submit an online application to the Swedish central application website ( for Swedish speaking applicants), and send qualifications to support the entry requirements to ( for Swedish speaking applicants).

2. Upload files to
You will also need to upload files electronically via Konstfack's website. These files will be used in the selection between eligible applicants.

Submit three (3) PDF files to

1. One page of written bio, including your interests in art at large (1 page as 1 PDF file)

2. Please describe possible ideas for the curation of the MA degree exhibition (which departments interest you, why and how to make it happen?) (1 page as 1 PDF file)

3. Documentation of relevant working experience (max 3 pages as 1 PDF file).

Technical specifications

File format: PDF
The PDF documents must not be password protected.

Note that the project proposal functions as a presentation of your ideas and fields of interest, it must not be realized in this exact form during the course.