PhD student Sebastian Gatz on new realities, place and belonging

29 november 2022

Konstfack's PhD student Sebastian Gatz is an architect, artist and trained car mechanic, who works and thinks at the intersection of art, architecture, occulture and technology. Here are two of his recent research outputs.

Sebastian Gatz just published a paper called New Romanticism: It's Time for New Realities in Transpositiones: Journal for Transdisciplinary and Intermedial Cultural Studies. The theme for the issue is: Intraconnectedness and World-making: Technologies, Bodies, Matters.

The paper elaborates on the fluidity of realities and different forms of shaping them. Certainly interesting for those who work with posthuman or new materialist ideas.
Read New Romanticism: It's Time for New Realities here.

He also recently presented his paper/artwork Hans is Dead at the symposium: Home – Provoking Conversations on Place or Belonging at the University of Gloucestershire. The work is a set of two fictitious essays which explore the relationship between humans and nonhumans.

The left-behind objects, marks and borders of a previous house owner (Hans) create ambivalent feelings and emotions in the new owner. The ghostly presence of Hans triggers questions of control, memory and human privilege.
Watch the video Hans is Dead, which is an artistic version of the paper/artwork.