New book by Martín Ávila "Designing for Interdependence: A Poetics of Relating"

27 september 2022

Konstfack Professor of Design Martín Ávila's new book is about the practice of designing and design's capacity to relate (or not) to beings of all kinds, human and others, in ways that are life-affirming.

The publisher Bloomsbury New York writes:
"Sensitive to power differentials and the responsibility that this entails, Martín Ávila develops the notion of alter-natives, a concept that exposes the alterity of artificial things and the potential of these things to participate in the sustainment of natural environments. He proposes a design practice that encompasses humans, artificial things and other-than-human species in a "poetics of relating", and provides methods that support the rewilding necessary for maintaining cultural and biological diversity and the stabilization of planetary dynamics. The book features real-life project case studies that illustrate some of the political-ecological implications of an ecocentric paradigm, which can help us to imagine alternative modes of relating to local environments and alternative modes of inter-species cohabitation.

Avoiding dualistic thinking and the dichotomies harmful-benefit, construction-destruction, natural-artificial and life-death, Ávila pursues the work of caring for how our mattering through design can become constructive in creating more-than-human ecologies."

Martín Ávila is a designer, researcher and Professor of Design at Konstfack. His research is design-driven and addresses forms of interspecies cohabitation.

Designing for Interdependence: A Poetics of Relating