Konstfack Research Lab – connecting with the unfamiliar at the Ethnographic Museum

29 april 2020

The exhibition "Renegotiating Material Culture" is the result of a year long partnership between the Ethnographic Museum and Research Lab at Konstfack. The collaboration saw the students select works in the museum collections from Africa and the African diaspora which connected with their practices and helped inform and inspire the new works in the exhibition.

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The collections in ethnographic museums draw heavily on craft and the handmade. It seemed especially relevant for the group from Research Lab – which specialised in craft – to work with these collections and explore the common approaches to manufacturing, problem solving and material exploration that are manifest in the historic museum collections and also confront contemporary makers in Stockholm.

While we can never truly understand someone else's experience, this detailed study of the collection has allowed the Research Lab group to better connect with objects and places that were unfamiliar at the start of the year.In turn, we hope that these new works will help you to see some of the objects in the museum in a new light.

Participating students: Adelina Petcan, Annika Larsson, Ellen Dynebrink, Emma Hasselblad, Eulalia Ribas Valls, Mona Wallström, Nina Marinina and Stefania Castelblanco Perez

Responsible professor: Matt Smith

Uppdaterad: 29 april 2020