Martin Avila's work with scorpions in Argentina published as book chapter by MIT

6 september 2019

The book "Grounding Urban Natures. Histories and Futures of Urban Ecologies", edited by Henrik Ernstson and Sverker Sörlin, was recently launched by MIT Press.

From the press release:
"The global discourse around urban ecology tends to homogenize and universalize, relying on such terms as "smart cities," 'eco-cities', and 'resilience', and proposing a 'science of cities' based largely on information from the Global North. Grounding Urban Natures makes the case for the importance of place and time in understanding urban environments. Rather than imposing a unified framework on the ecology of cities, the contributors use a variety of approaches across a range of of locales and timespans to examine how urban natures are part of—and are shaped by—cities and urbanization. Grounding Urban Natures offers case studies from cities on five continents that demonstrate the advantages of thinking comparatively about urban environments."

Martín Ávila is a designer, researcher and Professor of Design at Konstfack.

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