Konstfack student participates in the Global Grad Show in Dubai

7 november 2019

Malin Björklund, master's student from the Individual Study Plan in Design programme, participates in the 5th edition of the exhibition taking place 12-16 November 2019.

Björklund’s bachelor degree project at the Industrial Design programme, Stand Up(right) for a Safer Childbirth, was previously shown during the 2019 Degree Exhibition at Konstfack.

The Global Grad Show exhibition brings together 150 projects from over 100 universities in 45 countries. This is the first year Konstfack is participating in the event.

Stand Up(right) for a Safer Childbirth: konstfack2019.se/bachelor/baid/malin-bjorklund/

The Global Grad Show: www.globalgradshow.com

Uppdaterad: 7 november 2019