The Hands That Unravel the Sweater

Datum och tid
18 juni 2022 kl 12:00 - 14 augusti 2022 kl 12:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

North Norwegian Art Centre
Svolvær, Lofoten

Tuesday - Sunday 10-16
Monday closed

It is not just an exhibition, it is a statement, a conversation and a reflection about the times we are living in. It is commentary on the social realm, norms and the patterns of inequalities that have been woven together through colonialism, discrimination and power structures. Woven into this context are ten artists and collectives whose practices define contemporary realities and bring attention to the ways in which these complex issues have existed, and still remain, in society — in our institutions, in the media, in our communities and in our thoughts.

Participating artists include Ahmed Umar, Boom! Glass Group, Elisabeth Haarr, Erika Stöckel, Faith Ringgold, Hannah Ryggen, Hannah Ryggen Army, Karen Kviltu Lidal, matt lambert and Matt J. Smith. They are motivated by personal experiences, as well as experiences from the world around them relating to national and international events but also the cultural and historical. Their practices are framed through various craft-based materials such as ceramics, glass, jewelry, metal, textile and wood. United through advocacy, making, traditions and collective empowerment their concerns and knowledge is shared, thus contributing to new definitions, new skills and new ways of looking at the world.

THE HANDS THAT UNRAVEL THE SWEATER is curated by Anne Klontz, exhibition manager at Konstfack, for The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts and The North Norwegian Art Centre.


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