Lecture-performance with Anna Lundh during World Academic Forum

Datum och tid
19 maj 2022 kl 16:00 - 17:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Se karta)
Färdväg: Tunnelbana eller buss till Telefonplan

Visual artist and PhD candidate Anna Lundh gives a lecture-performance titled Q&Q-2022, on a transdisciplinary project concerning questions about the future from multiple vantage points, both temporal and local.

Will it still be reasonably easy to find a bookstore? What will happen to the ocean? Will North and South Korea be united? Will people still take pictures of everything they eat/see/do?

These are just a few of the questions from the project, which collects and shares questions from the public about what the future will be like, 10 years into the future. First initiated in March 2012 as a participatory installation at the art institution ExitArt, New York, the project ran for the course of one year, including the addition of an online version, which was developed in collaboration with New Museum, New York. Through the online form, questions came in from all over the world, accumulating into an archive of questions and concerns of that precise moment in time. In 2018, Lundh also installed a new version of the project at the MMCA (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), Seoul, Korea, which instead asked, “what will the future be like in 2028”?

The first “Q” in the title references “Telex: Q&A”—a project organized in 1971 by New York-based E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) as part of the exhibition “Utopia & Visions: 1871–1981” at Moderna Museet, Stockholm. E.A.T. envisioned “a world-wide people-to-people communication link to explore aspects of life in 1981”, and it involved the installment of telex machines in four cities around the globe; in Stockholm, New York, Tokyo, and Ahmedabad. Local participants from each city were then invited to send questions (and suggested answers) via telex about 1981 – ten years into the future – to the other sites. The second “Q” in the title stands for the new questions that are produced in the present (so far, in 2012 and 2018).

In her lecture-performance, Lundh will elaborate on this project and its multitude of ideas about the future. 2022 is the year the project first aimed its gaze toward, and it is now possible to provide some answers, or perhaps, send some of the questions back to the past or further forward in time.

Susanne Helgesonsusanne.helgeson@konstfack.se +46708501540

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This event is an official part of World Academic Forum Stockholm Summit 2022. Stockholm's united academia comes together for four days to manifest the importance of academia's role in society. World Academic Forum is an interdisciplinary platform, connecting academics from all over the world, to explore the challenges of our time.