ORIGIN – MFA exhibition by Eva Spikbacka

Datum och tid
8 april 2021 kl 17:00 - 18 april 2021 kl 18:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Black Box (projektrum A1)
Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14
126 26 Stockholm

Painting as will and resistance.

What we encounter in painting is not so much the authentically revealed self of the painter, but rather signs that insinuate that this absent self is somewhat present in it. /Isabelle Graw/

So, then what is a painting?

Perhaps it is all about time, a certain amount of time in the constant murmuring stream of consciousness and the unconscious. A shape cut out of the amorphous. A recording of time spent in uncertainty, not knowing what is going to present itself.

To bear the contradiction of in one hand allowing the permission of having an aim versus the absolute requirement of at some point let go of the model, the aim. And thus, submit to painting.

In the glitch between distance and sensibility, an utterance, a pronouncement takes place.

Eva Spikbackaeva.gerda.marie.spikbacka@student.konstfack.se 0793490135

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