Examination week – CRAFT students 2021

Datum och tid
12 april 2021 kl 09:30 - 16 april 2021 kl 15:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Vita havet
Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Se karta)
Färdväg: Tunnelbana eller buss till Telefonplan

During one week invited guest critics meet this years graduating Craft students to discuss their degree works in the exhibition.

You are welcome to join the webinars.

Schedule for CRAFT Examination week 2021

Monday 12 April

9:30 Juan-Pedro Fabra in conversation with students Sofi Gunnstedt and Amanda Nordqvist

12:55 Klara Kristalova in conversation with student Yingyun Jiang

Tuesday 13 April

9:30 Jens Fänge in conversation with students Lea Constan and Hannah Blitz Heyman

12:55 Loulou Cherinet in conversation with students Veronika Murarikova and Teresa Borgelin

15:30: Malin Arnell in conversation with students Sofia Sipsa and Hannah Molly Brown

Wednesday 14 April

9:30 Ann Böttcher in conversation with students Josefin Gäfvert and Laura Johanna König

12:55 Anton Alvarez in conversation with students Sofia Bahlner and Åsa Johansson

Thursday 15 April

9:30 Zandra Ahl in conversation with students Sara Lundgren and Lisa Pettersson

12:55 Katja Pettersson in conversation with students Karen Modrei and Elin Sudström

15:30 Sirous Namazi in conversation with students Frida Nordelöw and Rasmus Nossbring

Friday 16 April

9:30 Andreas Mangione in conversation with students Hazel Mallon and Andrea Grath

12:55 Tobias Bernstrup in conversation with students Egle Sitkauskaite and Fredda Berg


Institutionen för konsthantverk

Don't mention the C word.

This has been a year of challenges.

The arts is currently suffering from lack of possibilities to reach an audience and struggle to continue to be creative and produce new material.

This is the situation in which the students have been blowing, developing, discussing, sculpting, writing, weaving, casting, plating, critiqueing, boiling their work together with the faculty and fellow students. Collaborations outside of the Konstfack walls have been near impossible and the students have had very few opportunities to show their work, some of their professors have not even been able to see their physical work all year.

This is not just an exhibition, one of my collegues told me. True and not true.

An exhibition is never only a way to show work, but an advanced way of formulating knowledge in a format where emotions, intellect, all the senses and a full body experience are present. We trust the language of exhibition and we trust the language of arts and we want to make space for meetings between artists where they together can develop ways to talk about arts, an excavate new thoughts and find words for that which is difficult to pin down in language of words .

To develop language in relation to our spezializations is one of the tasks of Konstfacks educations. We are responsible to the fields of which our educations are a part and we want to be relevant to our own fields, also any adjacent field. The reason we invite guest critics is to help us assess the work of the students. We lend the visiting artists outsider perspective, which together with our own intimate knowledge of the work ensure the work does not get assessed in an arbitrary way.

At Konstfack most of our meetings are still on Zoom, but in this years examination we want to ensure that the students get an advanced viewer come meet their work in person. The practicing artist visiting us this year all have successful practices and exhibit extensively in Sweden and around the world. As an advanced artist you are not only an expert in your own practice, but you are an advanced viewer of the work of others and this is something we respect and want to lift up.

At the current master programme, CRAFT!, we do not tell the students what Craft is, or should be, but we use the concept of Craft for the student to propose what, or how, this could be.

Craft is not a monologue but a dialogue and the conversation starts here.

Bella Rune, professor of Fine Art in Textiles 2013-2021