Sara Kristoffersson at The 45th Annual Symposium: Design 1900-Now

Datum och tid
30 oktober 2021 kl 11:30 - 17:30
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Zoom webinar

Sara Kristoffersson, Professor of Design History, is speaking about "Ikea catalogues: A commercial and pedagogical tool".

The new gallery "Design 1900-Now" at the Victoria & Albert Museum investigates how designed objects reflect society. Rather than looking at the design canon, telling a chronological history of design through a series of stylistic movements, it shows design from the last 120 years through the lens of six themes: automation and labour, housing and living, crisis and conflict, consumption and identity, sustainability and subversion and data and communication.

To reflect on the new gallery and its content the 2021 FHS Symposium will focus on some of the furniture displayed in the gallery, delving deeper into their narratives of production and consumption. Corinna Gardner and Johanna Agerman Ross, the curators of the gallery, will introduce the symposium by discussing the curatorial narrative and conception of the space. Following this a number of speakers will talk around specific objects in the display and reflecting on the themes in the gallery.


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